Who’s The Boss? Introducing Jeffrey Mace


Jeffrey Mace is the new Director

Jeffrey Mace and Phil Coulson

Jason O’Mara as the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D

There’s been a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding the new director of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the last two episodes. Even after meeting him, his charisma and charming openness went right in the face of the old team’s attitude towards him. I still had so many questions buzzing in my head! Who is he? What’s his long term plan? Is he trustworthy or dirty?

We learned in episode 2 that Phil Coulson (played by Clark Gregg) didn’t even try to hold onto the position of Director. In fact, he apparently advocated for filling the vacancy with a powered person, an Inhuman, someone the public could trust. With the new Director’s catchphrase “A team that trusts is a team that triumphs” and his obvious skill at building bridges with the politicians, it looks like the powers that be picked the perfect person for the job! A little too perfect to be honest… Not only is he super suave, he takes a hit without blinking thanks to his hitherto unknown powers.

So who is the new boss?

EW confirmed that Jason O’Mara is playing a character from the Golden Age of comics, Jeffrey Mace, AKA the Patriot. The man moral and strong enough to be recruited as the third incarnation of Captain America!


Jeffrey Mace as the third Captain America

However, in the comics, Mace was not an Inhuman – in fact, he didn’t even have any powers. He is a former reporter turned great athlete and fighter, with a strong personal moral code.

So what does that mean for the show?

For someone who is big about trust and feeling good about yourself (seen with the color coded badges), he seems to be keeping a lot of info classified, something that really rubs the team the wrong way. None of them seem to like him, and NONE of them even come close to trusting him. It’s still all intrigue and gaining advantage over the situation. But Jeffrey Mace from the comics was a honest guy. Is there good reason behind the mistrust or is the new director going to prove his wholesome demeanor to the team?

It would be so cool to see the creators introduce an honest, moral, and upright character to the show. Almost like a less superhero Captain America. Someone who will do the right thing no matter the cost. I would love to see them keep the Patriot as close to his comic book personality as they can, but I understand that’s not this show’s MO.

Either way, it looks like Jeffrey Mace is going to play a huge part in this season, and not just in the bureaucratic sense of things. A man who takes several blows from Melinda May and then incapacitates her with one hand (and a wall) is not someone who’s going to sit on the sidelines when the crap hits the fan! Mace should have some exciting progression this season!


What do you think the Director’s end game is? Is his closed door policy malicious or for the good of the country? Let me know in the comments below!