What I am excited for in Star Wars Rebels Season 3


Star Wars Rebels Season 3 launches in less than two weeks. Soon we will see what happened to the Ghost crew after leaving Malachor and how their encounter with the dark side has affected them. The various teasers we have seen leave fanboys like myself wondering what to expect from this season’s adventures.

Listed below are # of the things I am looking forward to in season 3. If you haven’t seen season 2 yet, this may contain spoilers.

Ezra’s slide to the dark side.

We have seen Ezra change from a good-hearted street urchin to a powerful force user. But have his adventures changed this space Aladdin? In this teaser trailer released last week, we see Ezra slip closer to the dark side.

Do his actions in this clip make him a Dark Jedi or is he simply gray? Does using the force to make someone kill someone else make you evil? If this were Harry Potter, the answer would be yes. But can you blame Ezra doing what he did in the clip? His actions potentially saves his friends. And they’re just stormtroopers, right?

Learn about Sabine’s Family Tree and the Dark Saber?

Will we find out if Sabine is Pri Vizsla’s niece? Daughter?

In the Concord Dawn episode in season 2, the Ghost’s resident Mandalorian revealed that she was no ordinary gunslinger. Sabine is from Clan Wren in House Vizsla. For those of you not familiar with Mandalorian genealogy, Pri Vizsla was the leader of Death Watch, a group that overthrew Mandalore’s pacifist government. For a time, he was the Mand’alor, carrying the powerful Dark Saber.

Star Wars Rebels

Will we find out if Sabine is related to Pri Vizsla?

Now, if Sabine is from House Vizsla, it’s possible that the title of Mand’alor could pass from Pri Vizsla to her along with the Dark Saber. The title may be a stretch, but teaser clips have shown Sabine holding the powerful weapon.


To me, the existence of Thrawn in the canon is more about Pablo Hidalgo and his crew salvaging the best parts of Legends. Before the bastardization of the EU, Thrawn was one of the most beloved villains in the Star Wars Canon. Amongst some fan groups, his infamy rivaled that of Vader himself.

That fact that they are bringing him back into the universe makes me happy for two reasons: they want to please the fans and they may salvage other positive aspects of the Legend.

When Lucas Media group labeled all existing novels before 2014 Legends, it pissed a lot of people off. Many fans viewed the move as nothing more than a money-making scheme. Characters that people had grown to love disappeared from canon in one fell swoop. Bringing Thrawn back is an olive branch to those offended by the bastardization of the EU.

And if they bring back Thrawn for Star Wars Rebels, who’s next in the Extended Universe at large? Revan? Wookiee Life Day?

Star Wars Rebels Life day

Star Wars Rebels New Canon

More Plucky Pirates

I have loved Hando Onaka from the moment he first swooped into Star Wars: Clone Wars. There is something about this space swashbuckler that I have wanted to just be. He is clever like Han, charming like Lando, and is quite possibly the smoothest character we have ever seen in the EU.

And is it just me, or does he remind anyone else of Don Karnage from Disney’s Tale Spin?

Don Karnage Hondo Ohnaka

What the Hell is the Green Stuff?

Recent Rebels trailers show Kanan and Maul with bright green eyes, standing in or leaving a green mist. But what the hell is the green stuff? The answer is clearly Nightsister magic.

kanan night sister magic

Seriously, what the hell is this green stuff?

Mother Talzin used the mists to control or empower others. Does this mean we are going to see her return in some form? It’s not that far of a stretch. Talzin obviously had some sort of connection to the force. And we know that both Sith and Jedi have returned from the great beyond. Isn’t it logical then to think that the Nightsisters could also do the same?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Star Wars Rebels season 3 premieres on Saturday, September 24. What are you most excited for? Leave a comment in the box below.