Westworld Recap S1: E2 “Chestnut” (Spoilers Ahead)


If the series premiere of Westworld didn’t hook you, then the second episode definitely will. Chestnut introduces new main characters, explores the aftermath of the latest update, and follows the exploits of the man in black.

This post highlights some of the important aspects of Chestnut. As always, if I leave something out, leave a comment in the section below.

William and Logan

These two outsiders do more than just act as an homage to the 1970s original main characters Peter and John. They introduce us to a side of Westworld we haven’t seen before. The first half of the episodes follows Logan and William through the initial phase of Westworld.

William is timid, almost shy. There’s something about his life on the outside that holds him back from being fully immersed in Westworld.

Logan is everything William is not. He is brash, rude, and very dickish. These two could not be more of an odd couple. It’s clear that we are going to see more of these two, but what their role in Westworld will be is still unclear.

The Man in Black Continues

As he continues to find the entrance to the deeper level of the game, the man in black shows us his true level of depravity. After the receiving new information from the card dealer in last week’s episode, we see the man in black follow a new lead on the deeper level.

The man in black’s story this week shows what lengths he is willing to go to find the maze. I know that this is only the second episode, but I feel like the show is misleading us about who the man in black really is. We have only seen this man do incredibly nasty things. But what are his motives?

I think there is more to this man than just a blinding ambition to find a deeper meaning to the game. The man in black could turn out to be one of the show’s good guys. I guess time will tell.

More Hosts Go Crazy

Remember when Ford gave the hosts memories? And some of the hosts started to remember really bad things that happened to them? Do you? Well, that continues to play havoc in this episode when Maeve Milly, the town’s resident madame, keeps mentally reliving all her terrible past storylines. These reveries lead to a drop in her sales, which leads the managers to pull her in for decommissioning. She’s put in sleep mode and brought to an examination room.

Then she wakes up. Right in the middle of the examination, Maeve comes back online and finds herself in the distant future. Terrified, she grabs a scalpel and goes to attack the technicians working on her. Now, anyone who woke up in a situation like this would likely act the same. But Maeve is a host. She is directly programmed not to harm the hosts. This clearly applies to technicians and park workers, as well.

The fact that Maeve can attack these people indicates just how much of a problem the update that took place in the first episode had on the hosts. The real question is when will we see the first visitor to the park die at the hands of the host? I say episode five.

The Managers

There were some prominent developments with the people behind the scenes of Westworld. We find out that Bernard and Theresa have a side thing going on. It’s portrayed as on the down-low, which makes me think it will be something one of them leverages later on.

Lee Sizemore presents his vast new storyline, complete with logo and gravitas; Ford instantly shuts him down. It was one of the funnier moments in the episode. But we find out why he shoots Sizemore down. Dr. Ford has a new idea for a storyline that will revamp the park as they see it, and it’s heavily implied that he has an uphill battle.

I think we are going to see the dark side of Ford as he struggles in creating and releasing his new storyline.


Westworld airs Sunday nights on HBO. You can catch the movie the show is based on at Amazon. Leave a comment in the section below and let us know what you think.