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Do you have an idea for a tabletop, RPG, or card game? Has your game made it past the ideation phase? If you are looking for a group of people to playtest your game and provide you with honest, unbiased feedback, GoingNerdy can help. The nerds at GN are always playing games. We’ve played everything from Edge of the Empire to Exploding Kittens. We’ve spent hours with every version of Monopoly and Clue known to man, and some only familiar amongst Klingons.

We know what makes a good game great and a great game better. We have dozens of willing playtesters who love trying new things. Our nerds can provide you with in-depth feedback on what we liked about your game, what we found confusing, and ideas on how to improve the play through. Whether you want us to test out your new game or simply like us to review it, we’re here for you. Our nerds are always looking for the next big thing to go nerdy over; maybe that’s your idea.

Let Us Playtest Your Game

When you let the nerds at GN playtest your game, it won’t cast you a thing. You just provide a beta for us to use, and we’ll do the rest. For more information or to see what we can offer, leave your contact information in the box below and we’ll get back to you. Leave detailed information when describing your game.