Wedge Antilles Returns in Star Wars Rebels Season 3


This week in Star Wars Rebels we are finally going to see how Wedge Antilles joined the rebellion. For those of you who don’t know Wedge, he is a Corellian pilot who rose through the ranks of the rebellion to lead Red Squadron in Episode 4-6. Even though he lead the squadron that blew up the Death Star, Wedge took a backseat in the original trilogy. But in the expanded universe, Wedge has a series of books that follow his exploits as a rebel hot shot.

The following link is a clip from this week’s upcoming episode of Star Wars Rebels and shows Wedge and a disguised Sabine talking about what other possibilities are available to skilled pilots, other than working for the empire, of course.

Like all things in the new canon, Wedge has a slightly different backstory than he did in the EU. In Legacy, Wedge did learn his skills while flying cargo shops for his father, but he was also an experienced smuggler. And while he disliked the Galactic Empire, he was not motivated enough to get involved in the rebellion. He was certainly never an imperial pilot.

I am curious to know what they changed about Wedge and other formerly canon characters. Will we see a Mara Jade character in the future? What about the dark Jedi Lumiya? She had a pretty sweet light whip. I would like to see more about HK-47 or some of the other more unique droids in the old universe.

You can watch Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD on Saturday nights or catch up on old episodes on Amazon. What do you think of the change to Rebel Leader’s backstory? What characters would you like to see brought back in the new canon? As always, leave a comment in the section below.