Trouble on Tatooine – 6 Things You need to Know about SWGOH Flash Event


What do you get when Luke Skywalker, a bunch of Jawas, and some angry Tuskens walk into a moisture farm? You get the latest event for the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mobile game, Trouble on Tatooine. Trouble on Tatooine is the first event in the newest event series. Players take the young Luke Skywalker and a group of Jawas and fight against marauding Tusken raiders. My first attempt to play this event

is listed in the video below.


We first learned about this event in an interview during Star Wars Celebration and discovered more about this new event in a post earlier this week. While both of these sources got players excited about the new event, they didn’t give us too many details about what this event would entail. This post will go over the 6 things players need to know to beat the flash event in the SWGOH mobile game. I am basing this advice on information I learned from playing the Trouble in Tatooine flash event. I will periodically update this post as we see more of these events released.

  1. Star with the Tier You want the Most

Flash events allow players to repeat any tier of the event until they have completed it. Unlike many of the events we’ve seen so far, once you have completed ANY tier of the event, ALL tiers of the event will be marked as complete. The tiers will reset when the flash event resets.

So if you beat the bonus tier during the 11 am event, you will not be able to try to beat another tier until the event resets at 2. At that point, you can play any tier, but you can only beat one. Choose carefully which tier you want or need. If all future flash events will be modeled after this first one, the first time you complete a particular tier, you will receive additional rewards. This is to make it more appealing for players to try out different tiers.

  1. Watch the Clock

These events last between 1 and 4 hours. While they do repeat throughout the day, if you wait too long, you could end up losing out on gear, credits, and possibly character shards. As I mentioned in the section above, start with the tier you think you are most likely to beat and try it as many times as you can. If you beat it, great. If you don’t watch the clock. Move to the next level and try again. It’s better to get gear at a lower level than it is to miss out on gear altogether.

  1. Know the Enemy

Just because there’s no guarantee an AI enemy will attack a certain way every time you face off against doesn’t mean you can’t know how they are likely to attack. When the developers release who the  flash event enemy faction will be, look at that faction’s players. Then, think about possible enemy configurations. Look at the more common team set ups in that faction and see how they work together, what benefits they give each other, and what detriments they are likely to be against the faction you are going to play ask. This will help you better prepare before you actually face off.

  1. Know Your Team

Like everything in this game, you need to have an understanding of the team you are using before you begin a battle. When the developers release information about the latest flash event, they will also release information about it…probably. This normally takes place a day or two before the event. Even in the most cryptic messages, they usually give players an idea about who they will use in the event.

During the Trouble on Tatooine event, we knew that we would use Luke Skywalker and Jawas to defeat Tuskens. This information allowed players to learn about how these two groups would work together and create a battle plan for how to approach the event.

  1. Gear and Mods: Get them

Moding your team properly is just as important to winning as knowing how your team works together. It’s unrealistic to think that all players will have the characters used in each flash event maxed out with gear, levels, and the best mods. But, it’s completely possible to move mod pieces from one character to another so that whatever team is needed for the latest flash event is as prepared as they can be.

Use tools like SWGOH.GG and the Mod Advisors on CrouchingRancor to help you see how best to mod the characters you’ll be using in these flash events.

Then, before you actually begin the fight, see what last minute adjustments you can make to your characters. Can you throw on an extra character or mod level? Can you farm a gear piece that can more a toon from a level 9-10? These small tweaks can make a huge difference when it comes to performance in events like this.

  1. Let The RNG Guide You

Sometimes the odds are just not in your favor and you end up losing a battle. The AI just seems to be getting way too many crits to not feel like the deck is stacked against you. This is the RNG. RNG stands for Random Number Generator and is essentially everything that is wrong, or right, with this game. When you spend 200 crystals on two consecutive refreshes and only get 1 pair of stun cuff salvage? That’s the RNG screwing you over. When you spend your last 16 energy in the Mod Challenges in hopes that you get the right mod you need, and you end up getting two of them? That’s the RNG blessing you.

In the short term, some people can feel like they are the RNG’s golden pony, while others may feel like the RNG has punished them for some sin they committed in the real world. But what players forget in moments like this is that the RNG, like the force, needs to be balanced. Unlike the force, the RNG usually is.

Over the last year and a half, many players have conducted their own experiments to figure out the drop rate or see if their characters’ stats really have the impact they think they should. In almost all cases, the players’ findings have all been consistent. But since RNG relates more to how well a team performs, what does that have to do with drop rates and other areas of the game?

If the game is balanced in one area, then it’s likely balanced in another. And if you lose even when you are clearly more powerful, just give it time. The RNG will bless you.

So what did you think about SWGOH first flash event? Was it everything you thought it could be? Are you looking forward to seeing what event comes next? Leave a comment in the section below.