SWGOH May Updates


In preparation for May the 4th, the powers that be have done everything they can to keep holotable heroes excited about the latest event. Last week they introduced the newest character in the game, the fan favorite R2-D2 and the event that he will be associated with. In tonight’s update, they continued to outline what changes players can expect to launch as part of the SWGOH May updates. In this post, I will outline what players can expect to see from these updates.

R2-D2’s Legendary Event

So we’ve already done a post about R2 but I wanted to talk about what to expect from the event. There are 7 tiers to this legendary event where players will take their Empire teams and face off against Rebels. You will specifically face Luke, Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Old Ben, and R2. Since this event takes place on the Death Star, it’s meant to be an homage to the original film.

The video below shows you what you can expect from the event. NOTE: Turn Meter Reduction is nullified in the final Tier of the event. You may want to lead with Emperor Palpatine, Grand Moff Tarkin, or the new and improved General Veers. You’ll see from the video below that I did well with Darth Zader.

Trooper Updates in Place

All Empire Troopers are all classified as having the “Imperial Trooper” tag. In addition to this tag, many of the troopers got some pretty drastic updates. These updates take these formerly fairly worthless characters and turned them into at the least viable and at best incredibly useful.

Snowtrooper, Magmatrooper, and Stormtrooper have been completely reworked. The basics of each have become more powerful, with the first two having increased damage added to their maxed basic and the third exposing anyone that doesn’t suffer a critical hit. And this is not where the changes end. For more information on the adjusted imperial abilities, check out the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Forums.

In a brilliant way to make more money, Imperial Trooper packs are available in the Shop for 19.99 per character. Players who buy these packs get 80 character shards and enough gear and ability mats to level their characters to Gear 5 and level 3 in the each ability. There is also a Power-up Bundle available with multiple Imperial Characters, gear, and mats. This bundle is 59.99 and not worth it for those who already have 1 or more of the characters in the pack maxed out.

Ship Updates

You may have noticed that you can now see the pilots of ships react to actions they take during the battle. Also, it’s easier to see which ships have target lock as the abilities which perform the debuff are now clearly marked with its symbol. This is a nice change if you are like me and forget which ships have the ability and which don’t.

Crystal Sale!!!!

Crystals are on sale until May 12th. If you have ever planned on buying crystals, now is the time. Packs range from as low as 1.99 to 100 bucks. Of course, the more you spend, the more you get. Use prudence when buying these packs and make sure to plan how you are going to spend your crystals.

Event Schedule

Finally, May is going to keep holotable heroes challenged with some much needed and even new events.

Daring Droid (The R2 Event)

  • Runs from May 4th until May 10th.

Emperor’s Demise

  • Runs from May 11th until May 17th

Omega Battles

  • Jakku: May 6th; Requires Nightsisters and Jawas
  • Hoth: May 7th; Requires Scoundrels and First Order
  • Empire: May 20th; Requires Resistance and Clone Troopers
  • Endor: May 21st; Requires Sith and Droids

Assault Battles:

  • Military Might: May 13th until May 14th; Requires Rebels and Clones
  • Forest Moon: May 27th until May 28th; Requires Empire and Droids

Upcoming Event Series

  • Starts May 25th

We don’t know much about this new event. We’ve been told that this new event will have multiple facets to it and incorporate some form of player interaction. In the May 1st release notes, we were told that EA will be launching many new event modes that will keep players interested. Some of these include player level appropriate events and bonus reward events.

The player level appropriate events are meant to actually challenge players skill and strategy. Hopefully, we will see these as a difficult addition to the game that really does what it sets out to do.

The bonus reward events will be limited time events that add bonus rewards to specific battles and/or tables. While they haven’t said what these rewards will be, I expect that we could see additional crystals, character shards, ship blueprints, and credits.

What I am hoping to see is a ship credit heist so that players can start to build out their fleets more effectively. Since the developers have seemingly pushed the ships more in the last few months, I wouldn’t think this is too random an idea.


What do you think about May’s updates and event calendar? Is this anything you are looking forward to specifically? How have you or did you fair in the Daring Droid event? Leave a comment in the section below.