SWGOH: Thrawn & Other June Event Information


So the latest information for the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game came out a few days ago and it seems like June is going to be a pretty mundane month to start off. Most of the events that we’ve seen are pretty much the same as we have seen before, with the possibility of one exception, which is likely to be so freaking amazing, it might make your head explode! Maybe not that amazing, but still pretty good. So let’s start with information about the events we know.

Event Schedule

I’ve listed all the events that are planned this month.  These are not in chronological order but are grouped by likeness. I cover the final event, Redacted, in a little more detail than the others (It’s the one about Thrawn!).

Omega Battles

  • Dathomir: Begins and Ends on June 3rd and requires Jedi and Tusken…so basically just Jedi.
  • Jakku: Begins and ends on June 4th and requires Nightsisters and Jawas…so Jawas? I guess you could run Talia, Assajj, and Old Daka.
  • Coruscant: Begins and ends on June 17th ad requires Ewoks and Empire and if you don’t run a full Ewok team you’re not really living.
  • Bespine: Beings and ends June 18th and probably requires Lando, Lobot, and CUP. No event details are available yet and I forget the lineup required.

Code Name Fulcrum:

  • This is the Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) event and ends on June 5th. You can use an open squad for this event, but I would suggest running one that gives a ton of buffs to ATF. Just saying.

Grand Master Training

  • If you don’t have Yoda yet, you have the chance to get him starting on June 8th and running through June 14th. You will need Jedi to unlock the little green master and speed mods. Lots of speed mods. The grand master is fast for someone being more than 900 years old.

Assault Battle: Ground War

  • The Assault Battle: Ground War runs from June 10th through the 11th and requires players to use Ugnaught, Ewoks, and Resistance teams to destroy an onslaught of enemy droids. It’s harder than it sounds.

New Flash Event

  • This will be the second time we’ve seen the flash event in the mix. It was my understanding that we would be using Luke to get more…Luke shards. We don’t have a ton of information on this event. But as it breaks, I will update this post.

Redacted: Thrawn in June!!!

At first glance, I thought the developers were having a spot of fun with us. I mean, why post something that doesn’t actually provide information? The start and end dates are redacted, as well as the notes to the event, or at least they say redacted; they weren’t actually redacted. Usually, only governments redact things and only then, things that are top secret. So this could be more of a hint of what’s to come than just a simple joke.

We were told that June would bring us a fan-favorite character and a new game mode. The new flash event does meet both of those qualifications, but I was still left wondering if she was not just a red herring. Give us a new character, one who is a fan favorite to throw us off the scent. And it looks like I was right.

Earlier today, June 5th, we received an in-game notification telling players that major news is set to be released on June 10th. Now, for those of you who aren’t hardcore gamers, the E3 Expo starts on June 10th. SO…sometime at the expo we are going to get new information about the ad below.

Thrawn is coming in June

Now if you look closely, that character on the right looks a lot like Thrawn. If you highlight the picture you realize, it is Thrawn (Isn’t it cool what we can do with computers?)



New Game Modes

Now we don’t know what event Thrawn will be in. We are most likely to find out more about that on Saturday. But there are a few ideas that I think we are likely to see and they all revolve around ships. The reason I say they revolve around ships is that Thrawn is actually Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Imperial Navy. He is captain of the Chimera Star Destroyer and a total bad-a. So yea, ships.

The first thing that I think we could see is a light/dark side ship battle, similar to the light and dark side battles. It could resemble more of the arena battles since there aren’t a ton of either light or dark side ships. This would allow players to make the best light and dark side fleets and progress forward.

I really want this to happen.

The next game mode that I think we are likely to see is a ship raid. Now, this doesn’t technically qualify as a new game mode but it would be a new addition to the game that would keep things exciting. I think a lot of people use ships, but most don’t make them their main focus or priority. And for good reason. But adding a ships raid would change that quick, fast, and in a hurry.

And I really want this to happen.

Again, the updates above are subject to change but that’s unlikely. The developers have most of those events running well enough. Judging by the time frame of the events, the Thrawn event is likely to take place sometime in the latter part of this month. What do you think the new event will look like? How do you think Thrawn’s June arrival will change the game? Leave a comment in the section below and let me know your thoughts.