Supergirl Recap S2 E04 “Survivors” (Spoilers Ahead)


In this week’s Supergirl, our heroes will experience a lot of interesting things, and interact with very interesting people. Kara must infiltrate an underground alien fighting ring and try to shut it down. Meanwhile, J’onn, happy to meet another martian, tries to get to know M’Gann.

Important Things to Know Going Into This Week’s Episode

Last week, Alex found out more about the alien underworld in the city. Particularly, she learned of a secret bar that aliens go to in order to feel like themselves. This was intriguing for J’onn J’onzz as he met another Martian there. He previously thought he was the only remaining member of his species.

While the alien side of things is always interesting, Kara’s work experiences are a huge part of the story. We’ll get to see Kara interact with Snapper more and more as the season goes on. Hopefully she gains more ground in impressing him this week. Additionally, I would really love to see interactions between Jimmy and Snapper.

Kara’s inner circle has been a little shaky lately. At the switch between season 1 and season 2, Alex, J’onn, Winn, and Jimmy were all very close to Kara and it appeared that they would all grow closer as a group this season, I personally had hopes that Cat would eventually join that group as well. At this point in time, it appears that Kara’s group is not growing in the way I had hoped. We may not see Jimmy interact with the others at all now that they are spending so much time fighting aliens at the DEO.

The Biggest Moments in this weeks episode (SPOILERS!)

1. Mon-El’s Story:

It was interesting to learn about the last moments before Mon-El jumped in a Kryptonian pod and made his way to earth. I imagine that he’s going to be a huge part of the season. Hopefully, for his sake, he’ll be able to get in touch with somebody from his planet. In the meantime, though, Winn should keep teaching him about earth, and Kara really should help out too. Maybe it will spark a good friendship, and then he can help her fight crime (with the costume and name Winn gives him of course).

2. Snapper’s Teaching Moment:

When Kara felt like she had an incredible story for Snapper, he quickly brought her back down to earth. This was a huge moment. If he was’t warming up to Kara, he would just disregard her, and any idea that she had. The fact that he gave her the building blocks to turn an idea into a story seems to mean that he wants to see what she can come up with. As the story evolves, Kara gets closer to greatness while Snapper continues to push her. Lena Luthor’s help, and Snapper’s advice, eventually get Kara to the story she needed to start chipping away at Snapper’s rough exterior.

3. 2 Martians:

J’onn clearly hasn’t been around any other green martians in a long time. At first, it appeared that they were getting along just fine. He tried to get too close too fast though. He did realize that he had made a mistake, but it’s not very easy to change your ways. J’onn must decide whether he wants to cling to his past and hold everything close to him, or give it all up to be close with M’Gann. Sadly, M’Gann betrays him and lets Roulette take him captive to fight for her. The fight between them was pretty awesome too. Especially when they refused to kill to end the fight. Then Supergirl came in and went all badass on Draaga, and that was really awesome!

4. Alien Fight Club:

I mean, it’s cool, but really strange. Some of these aliens are fighting voluntarily, but some are forced to fight. Alex and Maggie were unable to stop an alien, but then a few thugs showed up and overpowered him. It was a strange situation to say the least. They were even able to take J’onn down effortlessly. That doesn’t make any sense. The DEO, of course, has to step in and try to stop it. Roulette makes a good point about the nature of society. It won’t stop the DEO from trying to stop it, but even if they’re successful, what’s going to stop somebody else from starting something similar in the future?

5. Random Halloween Scene:

Winn and Mon-El hanging out in a bar on Halloween was awesome. This episode came out on Halloween night, and it was smart for them to include some aspect of the holiday in the episode. Obviously the night didn’t turn out well, but it could have been so much worse. Beyond that, it was really entertaining to watch them party together.

Ryan’s Speculation of the week:

I think Kara and Mon-El are going to end up dating at some point. There is definitely chemistry between the actors. Beyond that, it makes a lot of sense. He’s one of the few individuals that can relate to her, and that is bound to help their relationship to grow. Eventually, any TV show will get to complicated romantic relationships, and, with Kara and Jimmy not working out, she has to go somewhere.

Supergirl airs on The CW on Mondays. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought about this episode.