Star Wars Rebels Recap: The Holocrons of Fate


Tonight’s episode of Star Wars Rebels keeps up the intensity we saw in the show’s season 3 premiere. Fate of the Holocrons left me with so many questions about the future.


Kanan and Ezra get back from a mission to find their transport in ruins. Scorch marks pepper the outer hull while gashes from a lightsaber have cut up everything inside. The duo finds a survivor who tells them it a man with a red saber was looking for Ezra and the rest of the Ghost crew is in danger.

A message sent from the Ghost lets the two know that Maul has taken the crew hostage and will only release them if the Jedi bring the Sith Holocron to him.

Highlights (WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!)

There are few things I want to highlight from this episode. I don’t think I missed any important parts, but if I did, leave me a comment in the section below.

Why did Yoda send them to Malachor?

Ezra and Kanan have a back and forth about using the Sith holocrons. Kanan says it’s too powerful to use, while Ezra argues that the holocrons was the reason they went to Malahcor in the first place. Kanan responds that Yoda sent them to the dead planet to defeat the Sith.

But did he?

If Yoda and Obi-Won couldn’t bring down the Sith, what chance do a fallen Jedi and his apprentice have to do so? I am going to agree with Ezra. I think Yoda sent the young duo to Malahcor to gain more knowledge. Maybe that was in the form of the Sith holocron, maybe not.

Darth Maul: Mandalor

There are a few moments while Maul is on the Ghost that his past seems to play an important role. During a conversation with the captured crew, Maul brings up the fact that he was once the Mandalor. This is a bit of knowledge that is not lost on Sabine, whose family ties actually helped Maul secure that title.

Also, there is a bit where Maul uses the same mind trick as Kylo Ren to extract information. While it’s a cool callback to the movie, it doesn’t seem super important…yet.


I am starting to really like the Bendu. In this episode, Kanan and Ezra have to get to the holocrons back from the Bendu’s safe keeping. When they explain their reasoning for needing it, the Bendu tells them that combining the holocrons is dangerous.

“They will grant a clarity of vision beyond your kind. When joined, any secret, wisdom, or destiny can be seen through the force. One can bring much chaos from such hidden truths. I have seen it before.”

WHAT!!!!???? He’s seen it before? When? Where? How? Who and Why? These are now the questions I want answers to. This single line of dialogue is possibly the most important spoken in the entire episode.

Once the two retrieve the holocrons, the Bendu warns that “Once a secret is known, it cannot be unknown.” What secret is he worried that the Jedi might unlock? I think, the secret the Bendu doesn’t want them to know is what will happen to Ezra.

The Holocrons

Ezra and Maul merging the holocrons

Ezra and Maul merging the holocrons

Towards the end of the episode, Maul and Ezra begin to merge the holocrons. Before they do, Maul asks Ezra what he wants to learn. His response: how to defeat the Sith. When Maul is asked, his response is that he wants hope, something like that too. Something far more…elusive. When the two bind the holocrons, I believe that they actually see the same thing.


Maul’s hope has to be a chance at vengeance. We all remember at the end of The Phantom Menace, then Darth Maul is cut in half. He survives his bisection on hatred and the force. Throughout the Clone Wars, Maul makes every attempt to destroy his bisector, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

During the merger, we can hear Ezra says “twin suns.” When the holocrons finally separate, Maul makes his escape, muttering to himself, “He’s alive. He’s alive.” This has to mean that Maul’s only hope is to extract revenge on his former enemy.

A New Hope?

While Ezra potentially saw the same thing Maul did, Tatooine, I feel like what he was looking at was not a former Jedi, but a future one. While Maul potentially saw his old rival, Ezra saw the future of the force. But there were other things that Ezra saw too. Planets. Did he see more than just the boy Luke or was there more?


For those of us who have been following the updates about season 3, we know not to expect a final showdown between Darth Vader and Maul. I think the title bout we should be excited to see is the one between Maul and Obi-wan Kenobi.

I think we will finally see the old Jedi finish off his master’s killer. In what capacity will Obi-wan show up, it’s anyone’s guess. It’s unlikely that he will become a recurring member of the crew, like Lando or Hando. But I do think we will see more of him.

If the crew makes a trip to Tatooine, I can imagine them running into a sandy-haired boy while too muc\h spunk to just be water farmer. Personally, I think Luke and Ezra will be the ones who restart the Jedi Order.

It was interesting to note that as Maul made his escape, he left behind the Sith Holocron. And since we know that Ezra can open the Sith Holocron, I can imagine him and his master merging them together one more time. What would they see? Ezra’s eventual fall? A glimpse of Snoke?

You can catch the next episode of Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD on Saturday nights. What did you like about tonight’s episode? Leave a comment in the space below.