Star Wars Rebels Episodes you NEED to Watch Before Saturday


Star Wars Rebels season 3 launches September 24th. That’s just a few short days from now. If you haven’t watched Star Wars Rebels season 2, you’re not ready for season 3. And let’s face it: you probably don’t have time to binge watch all of season 2 before Saturday. But worry not my young padawans, I can help you.

Listed below are all the important episodes in season 2 that you need to see before Saturday’s premiere. This list eliminates those episodes that don’t push the story forward. **Warning: MASSIVE SEASON 2 SPOILERS AHEAD**

S2, E1: The Siege of Lothal

Ezra and the crew have worn out their welcome on Lothal. This episode shows us just how far the Empire will go to flush out the rebel cells. We also see Kanan and Ezra square off against Vader…which is awesome!

S2, E2: The Lost Commanders

When you need some extra manpower, who do you turn to? Clones. The Ghost crew travels to a far-off desert planet to find help from Captain Rex. Kanan realizes he’s dealing with clones and instantly becomes defensive. But if Ashoka trusts them, can he?

S2, E3: Relics of the Old Republic

Turns out Kanan can trust the clones…at least for now. The Clones and the Ghost crew have to work together after Agent Kallus finds their ship. The Clones may be old, but they can still kick some butt!

S2, E4: Always Two There Are

At the end of season 1 we say the Grand Inquisitor fall to his death. But did you really think he was the only inquisitor out there? The “Grand” part of his title implies there were more. We meet two of them as Ezra and the gang head to an abandoned medical station to recover supplies.

S2, E8: Stealth Strike

Commander Sato’s ship gets out of hyperspace by a freakishly powerful new Imperial ship. Kanan and Rex have to work together to save the day. In this episode we see Ezra use the force to bend a mind or two.

S2, E9: The Future of the Force

The crew goes to look into what the inquisitors are doing. Creeper alert: they are stealing force sensitive babies. Not only does this introduce the fact that people are still being born with the force, it gives us a hint to how the First Order finds new recruits. Can anyone say, Finn?

S2, E10: Legacy

We find out what happened to Ezra’s parents.

S2, E12: The Protector of Concord Dawn

The most important thing we get from this episode is further proof of Sabine’s badassery. There’s a moment where she explains who she is and where she comes from. If we get more about her past, we are in for a treat.

S2, E17: Shroud of Darkness

Ashoka, Kanan, and Ezra head to the Jedi Temple of Lothal to go on a vision quest. Each experience the force in a way that is most awesome. Without giving too much away, if you don’t get goosebumps after watching this episode you are not a fan.

S2, E19: The Mystery of Chopper Base

The crew is looking for a new base of operations. This episode is more like an intro to the season finale. It’s not crucial, but it helps set the stage for what happens in episodes 20 and 21.

S2, E20 and 21: Twilight of the Apprentice

Vader. Maul. Sith Temple. Knowledge of the past. Speculation on the future. General awesome. This two-part episode was what we have been looking for all along.

Season 2 was well done and much better than season 1. So when you have time, go back and watch the ones you missed out on. Some of the information you missed includes:

  • How the Rebellion starts using B-wings
  • Sabine’s was briefly a bounty hunter
  • People in the Galactic Senate helped the rebellion by leaving ships unguarded
  • The Lasats came from uncharted space
  • Ezra has force empathy and talks with animals
  • Hera’s dad is kind of a d-bag
  • Everyone is expendable in the Empire. EVERYONE!
  • Droids can make choices that go against their programming, but they really have to want to.

If you don’t think I gave enough credit to certain episodes, leave a comment in the section below.