Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: How I Beat Galactic War Every Dadgum Day


Galactic Chore

Make no mistake – The Galactic War is tedious, aggravating, and it’s sometimes questionable whether or not to invest the time into it every single day. Since this last update has turned node 12 back into the Kill Squad it used to be, it’s gotten even more annoying. Fortunately, I found a method that works for me, and can make this part of your day somewhat enjoyable.


I have been playing since last November so my roster is pretty well fleshed out, which means I haven’t struggled with GW for a long time. Palatine is key to my strategy and who knows when he’s coming back! Even a 6* Palp would suffice for this strategy, I’m sure. Also, the teams I’ll show you are strong and take time if you want to work towards them. It would be worth it, though!

Team Formation

I don’t use my strongest team for Galactic War. For me, utility and synergy trump power. I’ll show you. These are my strongest characters.


These are the characters I use for usually all 12 nodes. Notice the difference in power.

Swgoh Roster 2

Swgoh Roster 2

Now, there is one HUGE reason why I use this squad rather than my high-geared, high-damage toons. Stun Control. The only big hitters on this team are Palp, Vader’s Saber Throw (which is only used occasionally), and Cad Bane’s basic, which can hit twice and does more damage against Jedi. I used to use Count Dooku in Cad Bane’s spot but Cad crits easier and does more damage with his basic. Four of these five toons stun consistently, especially with Palp’s leader ability adding potency. Mod-wise, I really focused on boosting the potency of each toon.

There are a four things to keep in mind with this team tackling 12 other teams of terror.

1. This team isn’t about exchanging massive blows with the enemy until you’re the last one standing. It’s about controlling the enemy with stuns and wearing them down. I can go through five nodes before even taking a hit at all sometimes. Here’s how I do it.

Palpatine starts with his special, stunning most of your opponents


and then Cad, RG, and Old Daka take turns stunning the rest,


with Vader throwing down with ability block and DOTs debuffs left and right.


You incapacitate the opponent and then slowly but surely wreck them, so plan your attacks wisely. Don’t focus on one toon and then move to the next. Keep as many shocked/stunned/ability blocked as you can. You’ll end up taking less damage each node this way.

2. Make sure your specials have cooled down before the end of the battle, even if that means just whittling away the last few enemies with basic attacks. When you get down to two or three opponents, use RG and Old Daka keep them stunned while Palp and Cad lay down the damage. You’ll want to make sure the tanks are shocked so you aren’t limited by who you can attack!

3.If a team appears that would challenge this team, or kill off a few toons, feel free to organize your team to a composition that best meets your opponent’s. For instance, when I see an all droid team waiting for me, I throw another team at them to absorb their specials and take one or two toons out, before sending in my stun team. I have been working on an all Jawa team,


and can usually finish them off before moving on like nothing happened. Just keep your stun team alive as best as you can and you’ll do great!.

4. Since we’ve moved back to killer 12 node, my strategy has had to change a bit. I can easily get past node 11 but then lose my stun team to node 12. At this point, I take out my heavy hitters.


They seal the enemy’s fate and claim that sweet, sweet victory.  😀


In my opinion, patience and control is the easiest way to get past the Galactic War. This approach takes me about 30 minutes most days, sometimes longer.

How do you get past GW each day? What squads do you use?

Leave a comment below and share your strategy!