The Flash Recap S3 E01 “Flashpoint” (Spoilers Ahead)


On this week’s episode of The Flash we see Barry’s life in his new alternate timeline. He finally asks out Iris, and she says yes. There’s a new speedster running around, allowing Barry to be just a normal guy. But, is his new reality too good to be true?

Important Things to Know Going into this Season

1. Flashpoint

Last season, Barry went back in time to save his mom, and, this time, he actually did it. I guess the pain of losing his father was too much, and he just wanted a normal life. He has caused everything to change, though. That is going to be the main draw this season.


Ordinarily, there would be more information here, but with the modified timeline, it’s impossible to know which things from last season will play a major part in this season.

The Biggest Moments in this Week’s Episode (SPOILERS!)

1. Flashpoint is Dangerous

Barry is losing his memories. This is a side effect of staying in an alternate timeline for so long. As Reverse-Flash tells him, this will eventually cause him to forget about his powers. As much as Barry likes this new reality, it’s pretty clear that he can’t stay here for long. I wonder if we’ll see regret from him about leaving as the season goes on.

2. Kid Flash

Wally is The Flash in this timeline. He is called Kid Flash (much to his chagrin), but he is definitely more than just a kid with super speed. I wish that we could have seen more of Wally in this role, and I hope they find a way to introduce his powers in the original timeline.

3. What’s up with Joe?

In the alternate timeline, Joe is a lazy alcoholic who doesn’t care about his job at all. I know it was just an alternate version of Joe in a dimension we’ll likely never see again, but what caused this in him? I originally thought it was about Wally, but he didn’t even know about that. Maybe Barry living with the Wests was really that important in Joe’s life.

4. Team Flash Reunited!…Kind of.

It was hilarious to see uber-rich Cisco help Wally and Barry with the help of (kidnapped) Caitlin and Iris. All we were missing was some variation of Dr. Wells to make it whole. I half hope they can find a way back to this alternate timeline because I would really love to see exactly how all of these people’s lives are different.

5. Barry’s Hardest Decision.

Ever since the night his mom was killed, Barry has dreamed of having a whole family. He has been in love with Iris since they met as kids. It had to be extremely difficult for him to leave this reality to go back to a life without his parents, where Iris may, or may not, say yes to him again.

Ryan’s Random Thought:

What did Barry do? Wally’s revelation that Iris and Joe don’t speak to each other was shocking. We’ve seen a lot of alternate realities, but this never occurred in any of those. What could Barry have possibly changed that would result in Joe and Iris going that far apart?

Also, did reverse Flash activate The Rival? Maybe Barry can do the same with Wally and we can see an epic speedster showdown.

The Flash  airs on The CW on Tuesdays. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought about this episode.