Ms. Marvel (2015) #1 Review


Plot Summary

A few months after the events of Secret Wars, New Jersey seems to be back to normal. The event that destroyed the world, actually did not. Kamala seems to be in a daze from all of her new work with the Avengers to notice the details of her life happening around her. Bruno has a new Girlfriend and Kamala had no idea even though it’s been happening in front of her for the last 6 weeks. While dealing with that, a new development has moved into town and is using Ms. Marvel’s image without her permission. The worst part is that this company is doing some shady things and dragging Kamala’s secret identity through the mud.


Drawing duties are split Miyazawa and Alphona. The separation actually happens in a clever and fun way. Alphona is the original artist for the first Ms. Marvel books that were published in 2014 for those who don’t know. At one point in the current issue, a flashback occurs for a number of pages and they use Alphona’s art to help establish that this is taking place in the past. Miyazawa’s art is a great new addition to the character. Clean, expressive and very easy to follow. You could remove all the dialog bubbles and still have a very good idea of what was going on. In my opinion, exactly what comic book art should be.



I absolutely love Ms. Marvel. I’ve been following the character since her debut in 2014 and have not been disappointed with anything since. I’m an absolute sucker for the awkward teen romance combined with her genuine excitement and enjoyment of being a superhero. Often characters are being rebooted and reimagined to be more dark and gritty, but Kamala is a breath of fresh air with her positivity and relatable enthusiasm. Ms. Marvel brings the fun and drama to comics that you want to see. I won’t get political, but it’s really awesome to see that a teenage Muslim high school girl is more connectable than most of the superheroes out there who I would consider a match for my demographic. I am really excited to see where this book goes.

Is It Worth My Money?

32 Pages of awesomeness for $3.99. Worth every penny.

Is It Worth my Time?

A quick read. 32 pages and they took me about 15 minutes to finish. I was up pretty late when I read this. I should have been in bed, but I did not care. I wanted to finish.


Willow Wilson


Takeshi Miyazawa (pg 1-21)

Adrian Alphona (pg 21-30)


Ian Herring


Joe Caramagna


Sana Amanat

Cover By:

Cliff Chiang

Published By:

Marvel Comics