Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 Review


Plot Summary

Scorpina has full control of the DragonZord and her first act is to destroy a nearby cruise ship to fuel the dark crystal. Back at the Command Center, Billy accesses the DragonZord’s sensors and discovers the strange energy coming from the cockpit. Tommy speculates that he could teleport in, but Alpha says their frequencies are being jammed. Jason tells Tommy to sit out this battle since he’s in no fighting shape and he might compromise the other Power Rangers.

The team, sans Tommy, morphs and the Power Rangers summon their DinoZords as the DragonZord wreaks havoc on the city. Billy uses the chain horns of his Zord to drag the DragonZord back into the ocean and away from innocent civilians. On the Moon, Rota is furious that the team seems to have contained the chaos fueling the dark crystal. She commends Finster to to send down their latest monster, multiple giant man shark, to assist in the fight.

Back at the Command Center, Tommy is helplessly rooting for the team from the sidelines. Rita again appears before him to pour salt in his wounds over Tommy’s previous failures. Tommy remembers his chat with Trini and it give him the strength to argue back against his self-doubt and he walks away from Rita. Tommy approaches Zordon and proposes that his real Dragon Dagger might be enough to win back control of the DragonZord. Zordon reminds Tommy that Jason ordered him to stay at the Command Center, but Tommy leaves anyway.

The Green Ranger teleports on top of the DragonZord and begins playing the Dragon Dagger. The song has no effect and Tommy is thrown from the Zord. Kimberly catches him with her Zord. Tommy tells Jason that he has a plan and to activate the MegaZord. The Green Ranger breaks through the eyes of the DragonZord and fights with Scorpina for direct control. While the fight inside is going on, Jason forms the MegaZord with the other Power Rangers. Tommy destroys the fake dagger while the MegaZord quickly dispatches the 3 giant shark men.

Back at the Command Center, Jason and Zack accost Tommy for disobeying an order. Tommy defends himself by saying he fought off his hallucinations and his intervening saved all their lives. The argument gets heated and almost turns to blows, but the bickering is enough to finish fueling the dark crystal.

The dark crystal opens a portal and destroys half of the Command Center. Tommy remembers the scene from one of his hallucinations and questions if it’s real. Trini confirms the situation to him and the team sees a giant monster standing menacingly over them. The monster shrinks down and informs the Power Rangers that it has been waiting a long time to destroy them.  


Hendry’s art continues to impress. This is a very action heavy issue and the fighting is thought out very well. Never was I unclear as to what was going on or confused as to the motion of the characters. My one critique I will offer this issue was that there was a larger than normal usage of SFX text. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it got to the point where I was noticing them since they were over the action in some instances. It sounds weird to say about a Power Rangers comic, but in my opinion, the overuse of these effects made the situation seem juvenile. Other than that, panel design was awesome and it made the book flow and read quick.

Power Rangers #4 fight in their Zords


I’m really glad we got an action heavy issue featuring the Zords. My favorite part of Power Rangers has always been the giant Zord combat. It’s also interesting to see that Zack is being portrayed as a decenter and cynic when his TV persona was more happy-go-lucky and carefree. The shift in seriousness is something all the characters are experiencing, but I see it the most in Zack and Jason. I’m really curious to see who this new foe is and if he’s just a powerful monster or something of a leader for the bad guy camp. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next issue to find out!

Is It Worth My Money?

At $1.99, I was fully satisfied with what I got. I’ve heard some complaints that this is not a full length book due to the Bulk and Skull side stories at the end of each issue and, therefore, not worth the price. I will say that I don’t feel the need to review these side stories because they are such a contrast to the main book, but they are also on two pages long (generally). So, yes, not a full length book… by two pages, but I barely noticed.

In addition, if you are interested in catching up with the series, a trade paperback is now available that collects Issues #0 and 1-4. The asking price for this is a little bit more than if you were to buy the issues separately and digitally at around $16, but having a physical compilation is nice when it comes time to lend the book to friends.

Is It Worth my Time?

Have you been keeping up with the series? Then it’s worth your time for sure! Is it a good starting point to jump on? I’d say you should go grab the previous issues first. This issue is worth the 20 minutes I spent reading it.


Kyle Higgins


Hendry Prasetya


Matt Herms


Ed Dukeshire


Dafna Pleban

Cover By:

Jamal Campbell

Published By:

Boom! Studios

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Vol 1