Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #2 Review


Tommy struggles with self doubt and Scorpina for control of his Power Coin. Can the Power Rangers help Tommy when he needs them?

Plot Summary

Billy and Trini board the DragonZord and analyze the machine. The DragonZord has a lot in common with the MegaZord and this relieves the two. Billy falters in his confidence and Trini reassures him that he is needed on the Power Rangers team.

Back in Tommy’s home, Scorpina has her sword to Tommy’s throat. She demands his Power Coin or she will kill him. Tommy’s mother makes her presence known and Scorpina decides that she would be a much easier target. To spare her any harm, Tommy transports the two far away. Tommy’s teleporter is destroyed and he morphs to fight Scorpina. She is a strong warrior and lands some devastating blows.

Elsewhere, Jason finishes up teaching his karate class and Kimberly decides to pay a visit. Jason’s Sensei comments on Tommy’s fighting style and suggests the two teach an advanced class together. Kimberly denies that her and Tommy are romantically involved and that it wouldn’t be a good idea mingling on the team. As they talk, Zordon hails them via their wrist communicators and alerts them to Tommy’s peril.

Back at the fight, Rita comments from afar that the battle is just to power the dark crystal’s need for chaos energy. Whether they retrieve the Power Coin or not, they will accomplish their mission. As Tommy continues to take a beating, Jason, Kimberly ad Zack show up to fight off Scorpina and her Putty soldiers. Scorpina flees and Tommy gives chase. Tommy’s self doubt Rita manifestation appear and she begins to plant to seeds of doubt in his mind. When Tommy returns to the group, they are relieved to see he is okay, but confused that he is on the defensive around them.

Later at the Command Center, the team speculates on why Rita would send her forces to attack Tommy at home. Billy reveals his findings regarding the DragonZord malfunction and tells the team. Tommy again goes on the defensive and passes out on the ground in front of the team.


Another excellent issue from Hendry Prasetya. Simple and clean panel design make reading and breeze. The action is expressive and it is easy to tell what is going on. Character expressions continue to impress as they make the dialog that much easier to understand. The general art style lends itself to the Power Rangers characters and nostalgia factor. It does the Power Rangers justice.  

Power Rangers #2 Green Rangers takes a bad hit


I was impressed by this issue. It was cool to see how the Power Rangers handle a much more serious situation. The television show in the 90’s wouldn’t dare to mention death, let alone have the parent of one the Rangers be a target of the villains to help them extort. The internal struggle of Tommy is something we would have seen in the original show, but not to the level of detail we’re seeing here. Color me impressed that the writers are doing something a little more adult and not relying on the monster of the week formula.

Is It Worth My Money?

I paid $1.99 for this issue and I regret nothing. Again, a higher quality book at a lower spend is something I think everyone can get behind.

Is It Worth my Time?

Absolutely! You’ll want to catch up on the other issues, but this is a great quick read that does not disappoint. About 20 minutes worth of reading.


Kyle Higgins


Hendry Prasetya


Matt Herms


Ed Dukeshire


Dafna Pleban

Cover By:

Jamal Campbell

Published By:

Boom! Studios