Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 Review


The Power Rangers have just gained the aide of Tommy as the Green Ranger. But how effective is he when he’s filled with self-doubt?

Plot Summary

The Green Rangers stands over the corpses of his fellow Rangers after what appears to have been an epic battle. Rita Repulsa basks in the victory and has Tommy recite an oath of loyalty to her. It was a daydream Tommy was having while on the way to school. Jason asks if he’s alright and he brushes it off as being nervous to attend school for the first time as a Power Ranger. The rest of the gang joins Tommy and Jason at school and the all notice that Tommy is acting a little off. Tommy keeps having self doubts that manifest as Rita in his mind.

Before Tommy can figure out what is going on, a monster begins to attack Angel Grove. The Rangers morph, call their Zords and start to plan their battle tactics. As Jason speculates on the best way to fight the monster, Tommy loses control and attacks head on. During his assault, he damages a nearby bridge and forces Kimberly to save some innocent bystanders. Back at base, Jason and Tommy have a tiff over Tommy not listening to orders. Zordon mediates the disagreement and reminds everyone that while Tommy’s defection to the side of good hurt Rita, it did not stop her. Later, back at the bridge, Scorpina finds a dark crystal in the water and presents it to Rita. Scorpina asks what the crystal is and Rita replies “Our new beginning…”


The book was illustrated by Hendry Prasetya and he does an absolutely phenomenal job. The big challenge with the Power Rangers is to modern the look and style from their early 90’s design without them looking too hokey. The color palettes exist perfectly with each Ranger with them looking plausible for modern day fashion. Character design aside, panel flow is good and makes for an easy read. It’s nothing to write home about, but it gets the job done. Actual illustrations are edgy and do the over the top extreme 90’s characters justice. Reading the MegaZord fight scenes was an absolute joy.

Power Rangers #0 MegaZord scene


Power Rangers has always been one of my guilty pleasures. When I heard there was going to be a comic starring the original cast, I couldn’t open my wallet fast enough. This book assumes you are familiar with the show and the characters, so it might be worth a brushup if you want to read this and are not fresh on the story. As weird as it sounds, I was really digging the cool modern look of the Rangers. When trying to rewatch the show, some of the hardest things to get over are the really bad 90’s fashion. Power Rangers is also something that does really well in the comic book medium. The structure of the book was much like a classic episode, but the dialog and drama style are just something that’s much more acceptable and commonplace in comics versus television. I am excited to see where this book goes.

Is It Worth My Money?

This issue was a little bit on an anomaly with the price. There were multiple covers all featuring the helmet of a Ranger. They were distributed randomly and this drove collectors insane. If you plan on buying every cover, you’re going to be spending upwards of $300 for a single issue!! Is it worth that? Absolutely not. If you are just a normal everyday reader and don’t care what cover you get, expect to pay around $1.99 for a physical or digital copy. Absolutely worth that price.  

Is It Worth my Time?

The book is a quick read and was meant as a teaser before the main series was launched 3 months later. While not reviewed or mentioned above, the book does contain a quick Bulk and Skull story after the main event. Both stories will take you about 20 minutes to finish.


Kyle Higgins


Hendry Prasetya


Matt Herms


Ed Dukeshire


Dafna Pleban

Cover By:

Goni Montes

Published By:

Boom! Studios