Mighty Morhin Power Rangers #3 Review


Tommy foresees the death of his friends, The Power Rangers. But is his mind just playing tricks on him or is something really bad about to happen?

Plot Summary

Goldar sits quietly in the dungeon of Rita’s Castle. Squatt and Baboo beg him to eat something to maintain his strength, but Goldar refuses since he failed his Queen.

On Earth, Tommy hallucinates while passed out. He awakens in the Command Center surrounded by the team. Alpha and Zordon decide to run a scan on him to make sure nothing is especially wrong.

On the Moon, Rita revels in her victory over the Green Ranger. Scorpina begs for forgiveness for failing in capturing the Power Coin and Dragon Dagger, but Rita congratulates her in pushing The Green Ranger to his combat limits. The fight created enough chaos energy to nearly charge the dark crystal and one final attack will fill it up. Rita reveals she intends to open a portal with the crystal but needs a Dragon Dagger to do it. The original Dagger is not required, so she has Finster make a duplicate out of a Putty.

At the Command Center, Trini starts the process of scanning Tommy’s vital signs. They both talk of Tommy’s past only to be interrupted by loud thumping noises outside. They rush out to find the DragonZord attacking the Command Center. Tommy is unable to teleport into the DragonZord so Trini summons the Sabertooth Tiger Zord to fight. Trini is quickly felled and Tommy plays his Dragon Dagger in an attempt to control the DragonZord. The Zord turns on him and he awakens from his nightmare before it can eat him.

Jason, Billy, Kimberly and Zack are at a local diner discussing recent events. Zack questions the trustworthiness of Tommy as he may still be under Rita’s brainwashing. Jason acknowledges the concern and Billy fixes Tommy’s communicator watch that was destroyed earlier. Trini then summons the team back to the Command Center.

The results of Tommy’s scan have come in and they are not good. The Green Ranger energy is very turbulent and is not meshing with his body well. Tommy decides to come clean about all of his recent hallucinations and his self doubt Rita manifestations talking to him. Jason chastises Tommy for not telling the team earlier and putting everyone at risk. As this conversation is happening, the alarm goes off. Scorpina has the fake Dragon Dagger with the Dark Crystal in it and has taken full control of the DragonZord.  


Hendry Prasetya continues to impress with his art for this series. Some really cool choices for panel design and composition of said panels enhance the action quite a bit. Tommy spends most of this issue in a confused panic and you can really read that from his face alone. Never was I confused as to what was happening in a scene or what panel to look at next. Excellent work.

Power Rangers #3 DragonZord rampage


Another great issue with some mature concepts. The whole idea that Tommy is constantly hallucinating the death and destruction of his comrades is not something you would expect to see in a Power Rangers book. Kyle Higgins kept in mind when writing this book that the audience of this book would now be in their late 20’s, early 30’s and want a more in depth story. This book is a page turner and I want more.

Is It Worth My Money?

Again, $1.99 for a high quality book. Just go buy it if you’re following the series. Pick up the previous issues if you’re not.

Is It Worth my Time?

A quick 20 minute read that garnered no regrets from me. Go read it. Awesome stuff.


Kyle Higgins


Hendry Prasetya


Matt Herms


Ed Dukeshire


Dafna Pleban

Cover By:

Jamal Campbell

Published By:

Boom! Studios