The Flash Recap S3 E05 “Monster” (Spoilers Ahead)


In this weeks episode of The Flash, Caitlin goes to visit her mother. She hopes that the interaction can lead to better understanding about her new meta-human powers. Meanwhile, Barry tries to convince Julian to let him assist in the investigations on meta-humans. Barry hopes this will make the two parts of his life more cohesive.

Important Things to Know Going Into This Week’s Episode

Last week, Jesse and Harry returned to Earth-2. This means the entrance of the new Harrison Wells. This new guy seems to be incredibly intelligent, and a perfect personality fit, but overall, his character might be questionable. That is a major part of what will be seen in this episode.

Caitlin, Cisco, and Wally could all be fighting alongside Barry by the midpoint of the season. Cisco has had powers, Caitlin clearly does now, and that will likely be learned this week or next. Wally, as I’ve been saying, is bound to get his speedster powers back soon. Barry has done a good job on his own, but he can’t always win by himself. If some of his friends have powers, he can go out with a team and fight off major villains.

Alchemy is still running around. He is bound to do something big at some point in time, and each episode is another chance to see that happen, will this episode be the one?

The Biggest Moments in This Week’s Episode (SPOILERS!)

1. Barry’s staying with Cisco:

Everyone who has ever had a friend as a roommate knows two things: 1- You have a ton of fun spending time with them, and 2- You will eventually get sick of some of the things they do. It very likely will pass, but it’s still awkward at times for sure. The new Wells being there definitely has to make life interesting at the very least.

2. Barry vs Julian:

The philosophical difference between doing everything by the book, and not caring about the process and long as the result works, is the least of the problem with these two. Sure, they’d likely get along better if they were similar people, but there are definitely bigger problems here. Working together on this case could either help everything get better or it could ensure that these two never work well together. It seems like it’s leaning more toward the former. If Julian ever found out Barry’s secret, he would definitely shun Barry, and likely expose him as well.

3. New Wells is weird:

While this is true, it shouldn’t be surprising. If there were people from other dimensions around you in your life, do you think they would be normal? Would you be normal if you were stuck in a different dimension? On the other hand, how weird is he? Is he intentionally doing this to throw people off? What is his endgame? I’m not sure that I buy him writing a book. Like I said earlier, he is very intelligent. He could have planned for something like this to happen. Either way, a non-scientist Wells or another dangerous Wells, likely doesn’t have a place in this world, or at least they shouldn’t.

4. Caitlin’s Powers:

She was eerily similar to Killer Frost when she attacked Nigel. I never understood her going to see her mom about the powers. STAR Labs would be the place to study the powers and what is causing them. It makes sense that she was looking for something more personal, something real from her mom. The danger is that, now, more people know about her powers, and people = problems in situations like these.

5. Hologram Monster:

The monster is a hologram, which makes sense. The characters mentioned early on that it was not possible for something like this to be a meta-human, or anything similar. It was destructive because of the disruption caused by drawing so much power, but that’s about it. Why would this kid let a hologram monster loose on the city? I can understand not fitting in, being bullied, and how things like that can make you do crazy things, but this seems like an overreach. This kid is too young to be doing such stupid stuff. Hopefully he takes Joe’s lecture to heart and turns his life around.

Ryan’s Speculation of the week:

We can’ go much longer before Wally become Kid Flash, can we? I’m guessing (hoping) that we get him before the mega-crossover in a few weeks. It’s possible too, though, that we’ll have to wait until the end of the season. Either way, when it does happen, it’s going to be a great episode, and that first (inevitable) race between Barry and Wally is bound to be a high point of the show.

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