DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Recap S2 E03 “Shogun” (Spoilers Ahead)


When Nate gets powers, he and Ray accidentally get stuck in feudal Japan. Sara then convinces Vixen to trust Mick, and they all go to help Nate master his powers and protect the Japanese village from a shogun and his samurais. Meanwhile, Jax and Stein stay back on the ship to make repairs and discover a secret compartment.

Important Things to Know Going Into This Week’s Episode

The team seems to be adding Vixen to the group in this episode. I’m not sure what will have caused her to join the Legends rather than staying with the Justice Society of America. It will definitely be awesome to see her fighting alongside the rest of the group.

According to the cast listings, Barry Allen will be in this week’s episode. Considering that the episode is set in feudal Japan, that really doesn’t make sense for the main story line. Maybe, though, the Legends will get some sort of notice of Barry’s time traveling, and the way it has affected the timeline. Or, maybe, we’re going to start seeing the baseline of a different story that will be told in the crossover next month.

With Nate gaining powers, and Vixen joining the team, there will be 2 more people in the group who are more than just human. Really, it now includes everybody besides Sara and Rory, and those two definitely serve larger purposes as parts of the team than they would by being able to use powers.

The Biggest Moments in This Week’s episode (SPOILERS!)

1. Vixen’s attack:

Rex Tyler told Vixen that a time traveler killed him. It’s only logical that she would come to the Legends’ ship and attack everyone there. It was really funny to see her sneak up on everyone and knock them out so easily. I’m not sure why she immediately assumed that Mick was the one who would have killed Rex, but he did a surprisingly good job holding his own against her until Nate could come in and stop her.

2. Ray and Nate:

I get the idea of trying to figure out what triggered the steel response, but how did these two think it was a good idea to start hitting each other literally right next to a main exit of the ship? I guess Jax is partially to blame as well. Without him egging Nate on, they may never have fallen out of the time machine. To make matters worse, they didn’t even correctly figure out what triggers that response.

3. Rip’s Secret Compartment:

Jax and Stein find Rip’s secret compartment and learn that it holds an armory, but that’s not all, there is a message there from Barry Allen in 2056. I’m not sure what Rip was trying to hide from the team, but even Barry said not to tell the team about it. I’m sad that this was the only inclusion of Barry Allen in the episode, I was hoping for something more inclusive where the team actually had a chance to interact with him.

4. Fighting Samurais:

Sara, Mick, and Vixen go back to save Ray and Nate. They have a funny conversation about Ninjas, then they run into the shogun. The team must come up with a way to stop the Shogun and his army of samurais. They all end up doing amazing things in a way that allows them to save the day. Along the way, Nate and Ray both learn more about themselves and are even more prepared to fight alongside the rest of the team in future episodes.

5. The Yamashiro’s:

The family they saved descends to become the family that Oliver interacts with during his third year away from society in “Arrow”. Theoretically, had they not intervened when they did, those people would never have had a chance to survive, and a major portion of the story we’ve learned in Arrow would not be the same.

Ryan’s Speculation of the week:

The crossover event that includes all of the DC shows on the CW might be set in the future. Barry Allen seemed to be trying to reach the legends 40 years in the future. It’s possible that something serious is happening there, and the Legends need to come together, with old friends The Flash and The Green Arrow(and tag-along Supergirl), to stop whatever is happening in the future. I still don’t think this is likely, and the transmission from Barry Allen may instead be a nod toward a future crossover of just The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, rather than the mega crossover. It’s possible, though, and even a slight possibility should be considered.

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