DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season Finale S2 E17 “Aruba” Recap (Spoilers Ahead)


In this season’s finale, Aruba, the Legends have to break one of the biggest rules of time travel when a massive time quake changes everything. This is the second season finale and one of the first chances for the show to have a truly great episode.

Important Things to Know Going Into This Week’s Episode

The Legends are currently trapped in the alternate reality and need to find a way to change reality back. This will mean that they have to duplicate themselves in time. In addition to that, the hunt to save Amaya will be a major theme.

All other CW DC shows are on break at the moment, this gives Legends a chance to truly have a great episode.

The Biggest Moments in this Week’s episode (SPOILERS!)

1. The Fate of the Team:

The Legends are on a quest to change reality back to normal. Doing this means that they have to go back to a time in which they existed. If they succeed, the change in reality will cause the current version of the team to cease to exist.

After losing Amaya last week, Ray is murdered by Reverse Flash. This leads to improvising for a new way to change the future. When they attempt to steal the Spear of Destiny they end up running into themselves, causing a “time storm”. As the team fights through the time storm it actually feels like both sets of Legends may end up eliminating themselves from reality. We then see our version of the Legends choose to stay behind and let the past version of the team escape to the future Waverider.

We actually see a number of the legends die, only to have their counterparts slyly reveal themselves as actually being alive in the timeline that matters. It’s extremely interesting to see the way this was done.

2. Eobard the Confusing:

Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash is all over this episode, but it’s the Thawne from Doomworld, not the Thawne from the original reality. This causes all sorts of confusion with both the Legion of Doom and the Legends of Tomorrow.

Eventually, he shows up with a whole army of former versions of himself. to stop the Legends. As his army attacks the Legends and subdues much of the team, Sara is able to use the Spear of Destiny. She is sent to a world where Laurel is alive. She has to make a decision between having her sister back and setting reality back to normal.

Ultimately, she figures out a way to set things back to normal, end Thawne’s life, and save the day. She then is promptly erased from reality. I only mention this scene because she says “Legends never die.” as she fades away. This is clearly referencing the Babe Ruth quote, used in the movie “The Sandlot”. But the remark “Really? Goonies?” is made. This bugged me because The Sandlot is one of my favorite movies of all time.

3. The Send-off:

The season ends on a great note as the Legion of Doom is returned to their previous places in time, Nate and Amaya agree to fight against time for a little longer, Rip Hunter heads off on his own journey, the team seems to be setup for doing a lot of good things.

Ryan’s Speculation of the week:

They decided not to leave a massive cliffhanger in this finale. Instead, they showed a glimpse of what is ahead and prepared us greatly for a season 3 in which the Legends need to “fix” time.

I had previously speculated that the show would not return with all of the Legends that we had this season. I still think this is likely. Nate and Amaya did agree to fight time for now, but I could easily see the two of them choosing to move on from the team in either 2017 or 1942. I don’t expect we see Rip back either for more than maybe a few guest appearances. My biggest guess is that Stein will choose to go live a life that includes his wife and daughter. Which could mean a shift in roles for Jax, or it could mean a new partner. I’ll be happy to see whatever happens in season 3.

Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW on Tuesdays. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought about this episode.