DC TV Shows on the CW Recap for 5/15-5/17


This week, Supergirl has to decide whether she is going to follow the President’s orders after Rhea’s attack, meanwhile Cat Grant returns to National City. Barry decides to do whatever he can to save Iris, as time winds down to her eventual murder by Savitar. On Arrow, Black Siren shows up to help Adrian Chase, meanwhile Felicity tries to throw a birthday party for Oliver, and Quentin is angry with Rene for missing his custody hearing.

Important Things to Know This Week:

The big thing that happened in Supergirl was Rhea using her partnership with Lena to allow the Daxamites to come to earth in order to take it over. Another thing that could come as a result of that though, is Lena learning about Supergirl’s identity. She knew what Mon-El looked like, and that he is with Kara, now she’s seen them fight together against Rhea.

Last week, Barry learned even more about Savitar, and the team hit another dead-end in trying to stop Savitar’s plans. With little time left, the team is running out of options entirely. They have to find a solution, and they need to do it quickly.

Adrian Chase was captured last week, but we can’t really expect that to be the end of his story. Something is going to happen to bring Oliver out into the open. Meanwhile, in the Flashbacks, Konstantin attacked Oliver, making his wait on Lian Yu a little more interesting.

The Biggest Moments This Week (Spoilers!):

Supergirl: (S2 E21: Resist)

The opening of the episode is intense. Mon-El and Lena are prisoners on Rhea’s ship, and being forced into marriage. The Daxamites are attacking everyone, and James and Maggie have to fight through it. The DEO is attacked, and Winn and Alex barely make it out. Meanwhile J’onn is incapacitated after being attacked by Rhea. As if everything wasn’t already messed up, Lillian Luthor shows up wanting to help.

I love the scene where the President and Cat Grant communicate with Rhea to explain to her that she isn’t going to be able to just take over Earth, and that people will fight back. I totally forgot how much Cat added to this show, but after just a few scenes, I wish she had been here the whole season. Unfortunately, this also leads to the President ordering that they destroy Rhea’s ship, completely disregarding the fact that there are innocent people up there. We do get a great Cat Grant motivational speech because of it, though. Then we get another one, which prompts the whole city to fight back.

On Rhea’s ship, Mon-El and Lena are trying to make a stand against Rhea by refusing to follow her demands for them to get married. Meanwhile, Supergirl has decided to work with Cadmus in order to save Mon-El and Lena. Their plan is pretty complex, and, if it goes wrong, they could all die. Of course, Lillian has a secondary plan to kill Supergirl and Mon-El in the process.

The Flash: (S3 E22: Infantino Street)

With just 24 hours to Iris’ death, the team is working on finding a solution, but they also realize that time is running out. They reach out to Lyla, who has a piece of Dominators technology that would be able to power the “Speedforce Bazooka” to trap Savitar. Lyla refuses to give it to Barry on the basis of not trusting him, which is honestly ridiculous after the last few weeks of Arrow. As a result, Barry decides to steal it, and goes back in time to get help from Leonard Snart.

Savitar and Killer Frost are also gearing up for the night as well. This includes an eerie conversation where they debate the readiness level for being able to kill Iris. Savitar seems to be cocky about the outcome of the night, but that could end up being his downfall. Meanwhile, Joe and Wally take Iris to Earth-2 to hide out with Harry, while Barry and Snart infiltrate ARGUS.

Stealing from ARGUS turns out to be more difficult than they probably expected. First, Barry needs to take out some guards when his Lyla disguise fails to work. Then, Snart’s skills become essential to unlocking the room holding the Dominators tech. Finally, they have to deal with King Shark guarding the technology. When they actually get to it, Barry gets out, but Snart ends up trapped in the room. Cisco is able to save him, but then Lyla shows up. His choice to save Snart convinces Lyla to give him to technology he asked for. After all of that, though, Savitar tricks the team into telling him where Iris is, and he goes to Earth-2, takes down Wally, and kidnaps Iris.

Arrow: (S5 E22: Missing)

After Oliver’s party, Curtis goes to bring some new tech to Dinah. When he gets there, though, he finds her apartment trashed, and then he gets attacked and kidnapped. Now Curtis, Dinah, and Rene are all missing, and the only evidence is weaponry that suggests Talia Al-Ghul is involved. Oliver sends Thea and Quentin to a safe house, but Black Siren and Evelyn Sharp show up to take them as well. Felicity and Diggle then get taken by Talia, and her followers. This leaves Oliver on his own, with everyone he loves or cares for in danger.

Oliver, meanwhile, is doing everything he can to try to find a way to save the people around him. Chase gives him an ultimatum that would save the people around him, but only if he lets Chase go. Malcolm Merlyn shows up to help Oliver, and he tries to convince him to give in to Chase’ demands. Merlyn’s story is a direct parallel to the Supergirl episode this week. He’s willing to help the hero, only to save his daughter, like Lillian Luthor. He also talks to Oliver about human connections being the most important thing, just as Cat Grant did with Supergirl.

Throughout the episode, we see a flashback to Oliver’s last bit of time on Lian Yu. Konstantin tortures him, and gives him a psychoactive drug that causes him to hallucinate about some of the people he lost during the five years that he was away from home. He has to fight through it in order to be able to save himself, beat Konstantin, and make it back home. Coincidentally, his present day journey has brought him to Lian Yu to face off with Chase.


The “Speedforce Bazooka” fails because Savitar has the Philosopher’s Stone. After all of their efforts, the team fails, and Savitar kills Iris. There is definitely a possibility that they will find a way to save Iris, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t. There hasn’t been a death this significant in the Arrowverse yet, but it would be a big moment for these shows, and for the Flash specifically. Whatever happens, this moment will be very significant moving forward.

Ryan’s Speculation of the week:

At the end of Arrow, Oliver let’s Chase go, in order to save his son. Chase then takes Oliver’s team to Lian Yu. Oliver follows behind, bringing Malcolm Merlyn and Nyssa Al-Ghul along. He also enlists the help of Slade Wilson as the episode ends. The clash in the season finale will be really awesome, but I could see it leading to a lot of future trouble for Oliver and the team, if any of these dangerous people end up making it off of Lian Yu, and back to Star City.


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