DC TV Shows on the CW Recap for 3/6-3/7


On Supergirl, Alex and Kara decide to break the rules in order to foil Cadmus’ plans. On The Flash, Wally starts having visions of Savitar, and tries to hide it. The Legends end up trapped 70 million years in the past when Rip crashes the Waverider. All of this and more in this week’s trip to the Arrowverse.

Important Things to Know This Week:

Jeremiah Danvers betrayed his family, and the DEO, by continuing to work with Cadmus. that’s going to be the main thing to keep in mind this week, and hopefully the rest of the season.

Barry and the team are still desperately trying to change the future to save Iris. Last week, though, Wally saw Savitar in the street. The team will have to figure out what this means for their long-term plans.

The Legends are still tracking down pieces of the Spear of Destiny, and they are racing the Legion of Doom every step of the way. Additionally, we should keep in mind that Rip Hunter has chosen to work with the Legion of Doom, seemingly of his own accord, as well.

Arrow is taking the week off. Probably because it is the only show to not take time off recently.

The Biggest Moments This Week (Spoilers!):

Supergirl: (S2 E15: Exodus)

Cadmus is not wasting any time putting the National Alien Registry to use. The allusion to racism and discrimination have been prevalent this season. This episode takes it to another level. The way they are acting towards the aliens is almost reminiscent of the Holocaust. Jeremiah’s explanation to Alex about sending the aliens home, rather than killing them sounds nice, but it doesn’t seem right.

Kara has to face a harsh reality about her real-life job. As Supergirl, people are inclined to follow her lead, and believe in what she says. As a reporter, though, people are naturally skeptical. She has to realize that simply stating something doesn’t make it a story. If she is unwilling to learn that, she will never get anywhere with her boss. I wish she would have chosen to continue trying to make the story work for Snapper, rather than blogging it. She may have caused more problems than she stopped.

I feel bad for Alex during this episode, but it’s hard to be on her side. She beat the crap out of a guy instead of trying to interrogate him properly. That is something that nobody should be able to get away with. To make it worse, she betrays the DEO by choosing to help “Jeremiah” when J’onn impersonates him. I know that she thinks she is doing the right thing, but she should follow Lena Luthor’s example. When your parent does something shady and illegal, you fight against them, even if it is hard. She gets some redemption at the end of the episode, but I still think she was in the wrong.

The Flash: (S3 E15: The Wrath of Savitar)

Wally is fast enough! The show generally  opens with Barry saying “I’m the fastest man alive.” That just isn’t true anymore, though, is it? Wally opens the episode by demonstrating the speed he needs to have in order to save Iris in a worst-case scenario. It will be interesting to see if that holds up. Wally losing Barry’s trust is tough to watch. If they don’t work together, they have no chance of getting through this. I don’t know if Wally seeing Iris’ death is going to hurt or help the situation, but it is definitely going to cause problems for Barry.

The fact that Barry didn’t ask Joe for his permission to propose to Iris is interesting. That seems to be one of those traditions that is going out of style, and Barry seems to be thinking in those terms. Despite that, though, Joe places a lot of importance on getting that permission. The revelation that Barry proposed on a whim as a part of his effort to change the future is surprising, but it explains why he didn’t ask for Joe’s permission. Unfortunately for him, it may also be the cause of his alienation from both Iris and Wally.

Julian’s channeling of Savitar is terrifying. The messages that Savitar delivers to the various members of the team are not only chilling, but very personalized. When Barry then encounter’s Savitar’s acolytes at an alter praising him, it creates a question about whether Savitar is actually gone, or if he is back. Caitlin hording a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone doesn’t make it any better. On top of all of that, though, Julian let’s them channel Savitar again. Finally, they realize Savitar is in the speed force, but it’s a little too late.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: (S2 E13: Land of the Lost)

How is the team stupid enough to not realize that Rip can still communicate with Gideon and cause damage? He has literally been the captain of the ship for so long that it’s impossible for him to not have a way to take control of Gideon. Even though the team is able to stop the ship, there is already a lot of damage done. Like they said, he probably already told the Legion of Doom where to find the last section of the spear, so they’re in a lot of trouble now.

I really like the “Mick saves the day” theme that we have been seeing this season. I personally thought the storyline from season 1 about Mick being a bounty hunter for the time-lords was strange. It has come in handy quite a few times, though. He knows exactly what needs to be done in order to get Rip back to normal. Because this show likes to push the boundaries of normal, that means that Jax and Sara literally go in to Rip’s mind. Watching them fight evil versions of the Legends in order to save Rip actually makes for an extremely compelling storyline.

Ray, Amaya, and Nate, meanwhile, get to go experience into the wild, and deal with some Dinosaurs, to find what they need to fix the Waverider. I never really thought about how long the Legends were trapped in other time periods back at the beginning of the season. Ray seems to have been in the cretaceous period long enough to begin living a new life. It really makes you think about everything they had to go through during that situation. Of course, there’s no time to be sad about that when Ray explains to Nate why he an Amaya can’t be together. I had been wondering if Mari would come up any time, so I’m happy they figured out a way to do that.


Barry’s confrontation with Savitar in the end of the episode is intense. Savitar has caused him to, once again, lose somebody he cares about. This time, though, he thinks he can reverse it. If we thought he was motivated to stop Savitar before now, I can’t imagine what he is going to do now.

Ryan’s Speculation of the week:

Barry is going to have to deal with the future version of himself, and I fully expect it to end up being a Legends of Tomorrow crossover. The Legends are the ones who found the message from future-Barry, so I expect he will have to enlist their help. Speaking to the future version of himself may be the only way that Barry is able to figure out how to save the world from Savitar. Remember the newspaper headline about the Flash disappearing, the one that Iris writes in the future? Maybe we see that story play out indirectly, in order to save Wally and beat Savitar. Who knows?

Supergirl airs on Mondays, The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow air on Tuesdays, and Arrow airs on Wednesdays on the CW. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought about this week’s slate of episodes.