DC TV Shows on the CW Recap for 1/30-2/1


In this week’s episodes, plot points are furthered in all of our favorite DC shows. In Supergirl, Livewire appears to have escaped from prison, and Supergirl needs to recapture her. Barry and Cisco fight an inter-dimensional bounty hunter in order to save HR on The Flash. On Legends of Tomorrow, the legends search for the spear of destiny in order to save Rip Hunter from the Legion of Doom. On Arrow, Oliver gets help from Talia al Ghul in his fight against Kovar. Meanwhile, in the present, Felicity tries to hack the NSA to save Diggle.

Important Things to Know This Week:

Supergirl is going to be training Mon-El to be a hero now, instead of just teaching him to manage his powers. James and Winn are hitting their stride as the Guardian, and their secret has to come out eventually, right? Hopefully we’ll see some advancements in the Cadmus storyline as well.

Barry and the team are planning on doing whatever they need to in order to stop Savitar from killing Iris in the future. That involves changing a number of events that exist in the timeline, which will, no doubt, continue this week. Meanwhile, there is the matter of the inter-dimensional traveler who seems to be after HR.

The spear of destiny is out in the world. Apparently, Rip was just one of the protectors of it, and the other pieces are out in the world. The Legends will be after it, but so will the Legion of Doom.

After a few very light storylines on the Russia flashback, we will likely see a heavy focus on how Talia al Ghul helps Oliver back then. But, don’t forget that in the present day, Diggle is still in prison, and Prometheus is still out there.

The Biggest Moments This Week (Spoilers!):

Supergirl: (S2 E10: We Can Be Heroes)

The chemistry between Winn and James is awesome! The whole Guardian storyline has been awesome to watch, and I’m hoping it doesn’t die out when the secret is revealed. It’s clear that Winn wants to tell the truth, but James would much rather continue on than risk the possibility that Kara will make them stop. The whole sequence when the truth comes out is huge. The raw emotion in the fight between Kara and James is one of the best moments this show has ever had, and you can feel that as the scene is playing out. Kara does not want to allow James to continue, but, if we’ve learned anything about him, it’s that he isn’t going to back down easily.

Mon-El is strong, and very powerful as a hero, but James is right about him not quite having the right mindset to be a hero. In reality, he says it because he is upset that Kara recognizes Mon-El as a hero before she considers Guardian to be one, which is actually funny. In reality, though, Mon-El isn’t quite ready, because he cares too much for Kara over the safety of others.

The storylines about Livewire and M’Gann are entertaining, but they are also hard to care about with the other stories taking the primary focus. The second half of the episode, though, is about these storylines. J’onn deciding to help M’Gann, despite her being a white martian is a huge moment, and it really added to the raw emotion of the episode. The Livewire story is also interesting, but also messed up. The big fight at the end of the episode wraps up one of the best Supergirl episodes yet.

The Flash: (S3 E11: Dead or Alive)

I’m not sure what I like more, Wally fighting crime with Barry, or Julian working with Team Flash. Wally is making it exponentially more fun to watch the action scenes, while Julian adds an element of dry, amazing, humor. The team has formed into a cohesive group that, honestly, is exactly what I want it to be. Which, of course, means that the episode focuses on someone trying to remove one of the team members.

Gypsy, is pretty freaking awesome! The fact that she has the same powers as Cisco is interesting, because it shows us what he is capable of. We have seen Cisco gain power over the years, and, on Earth-2, we saw what “Vibe” was able to do. Gypsy takes it to another level, though. If Cisco is able to do the things she does, in the future, maybe we’ll see him move into more of a hero role on a team with Barry and Wally. Despite Barry and HR almost messing things up, and Cisco being under-trained for the fight, he does a pretty good job against Gypsy. I love that he won. I love that HR is sticking around. Mostly, though, I love how he and Gypsy never stop flirting during their fight.

The subplot of Iris, stubbornly, pursuing a story about a powerful arms dealer was really annoying to watch. Yes, it is funny to watch Joe freak out when she makes him think she and Barry are going to have a kid, and it’s awesome to see her and Wally working as siblings. Her insistence to chase the story, though, makes no sense. The culmination of this story makes me incredibly angry, and I have never felt more connected to Joe before that moment.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: (S2 E10: The Legion of Doom)

I like the dynamic of showing the villains’ side of things in this episode. The bouncing storylines between the villains working through their plan, and the legends trying to decipher information about their enemies is actually really cool. It is frustrating that the legends just assume that Barry has never encountered Thawne before, while they are actually sitting in Central City, and could ask him. It would be so easy for Barry to show up and tell them all about him. Maybe Grant Gustin wasn’t available, though, so luckily Stein knew the story, and the legends figured it out.

The constant bickering between the two teams is something that will inevitably become a problem, for the side that doesn’t get past it. Most likely, the team that can put their differences aside first will be the team that wins in this conflict. That, it seems, is the inherent problem with bringing together strong-willed people who have different views on life and their mission. We can only hope the Legends get there before the Legion.

Stein’s daughter makes a new appearance in this episode. I know this should have been expected when Stein said he had a colleague in Central City, but you can’t blame a guy for hoping it would be Cisco. This of course, causes issues with the rest of the team, as most people know Stein to not have children. The fact is, this only adds another level of trouble for the legends, and they really need to cut down on that, if they want to stand any chance at survival. The whole situation goes up in flames when Mick reveals to Lily that she is, in fact, a time aberration.

Arrow: (S5 E11: Second Chances)

Replacing Black Canary is no small task. The set up of the episode does make it clear that Curtis’ “Urban Legend” is who they want. Her rejection, though, throws that idea right back at Oliver. The team finds out that she is a former CCPD officer Tina Boland. Then we get an amazing, albeit tiny, crossover with “The Flash” to learn more about her. I like that Oliver trusts Rene and Curtis to help with the team’s plans. Finally convincing Tina to work with him feels like a monumental moment. Earning her trust, and bringing her to the team seems like a game-changer.

Felicity going on a hacking spree to try to find a way to save Diggle makes me happy. Diggle is in a seemingly impossible situation. He definitely needs all the help he can get.The problem is that the file is mysteriously empty by the time Felicity finds it. Then, when she doesn’t give up, a mysterious person reaches out to her about meeting up. Of course it ends up being a girl that seems to be young Felicity. She give Felicity what she needs, but requests that Felicity returns to hacktivism.

The Russia story in this episode is amazing! The addition of a new Al-Ghul relative to the story is absolutely incredible. The fact that she trained Yao Fei, Oliver’s first teacher on the island makes her the best part of an already strong string of flashbacks. It’s pretty obvious that she will tie together everything Oliver has learned and turn him into The Hood.

Also, I want that quintuple burger that Rene ate, and I want it now!


The ideas and effects of time travel in this week’s Legends of Tomorrow episode link the shows in very interesting ways. The secret behind Thawne’s plan directly relates to Eddie killing himself at the end of season 1 of The Flash. The creature he is running from seems to be the rotting corpse of Zoom from season 2 of The Flash. Dahrk and Merlyn of course have played the villain role in different seasons of Arrow, and jab at each other about the other’s shortcomings. In the end, we see the strengthening of the Legion of Doom, and, in all reality, they should not be beatable. They are rooted in the history of the Arrowverse, and they may just be the biggest threat to it, now that they’re together.

Ryan’s Speculation of the week:

The end of “The Flash” was an interesting moment. The fact that Wally is on pace to be faster than Barry, and that it will be him, not Barry, that will get fast enough to save Iris, should be obvious. It still plays as a significant moment. It’s the perfect culmination of the episode, and, in many ways, it is the biggest moment of the week. Watching Wally increase his speed will be so much fun to watch. If I were to guess, Wally is going to be just barely too slow, and Barry is going to have to make up the difference in the crucial moments before Iris is supposed to die.

Supergirl airs on Mondays, The Flash & Legends of Tomorrow air on Tuesdays, and Arrow airs on Wednesdays on the CW. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought about this week’s slate of episodes.