DC TV Shows are Almost Here! Let’s get excited!


In the next 2 weeks, we will see the return of DC TV shows to the CW. The “Arrowverse” will feature 4 separate shows this season. With each playing on a different night. Let’s look at what we know about the upcoming seasons for each show, and get thoroughly excited about watching in the near future.


The Flash:

The Flash is returning for season 3 on Tuesday, October 4th. Last season, we saw Barry Allen and his friends explore the realities of a multi-verse, fight the dangerous super-villain Zoom and come out victorious. We also saw Barry make an interesting choice to go back and save his mother like he originally planned in season 1. This time, he actually went through with it, and from what we can see, it has changed everything!

Here are some things to look out for:

Kid Flash:

Once they introduced Wally West, I know I was excited, and I’m sure most fans felt the same way. It will definitely be awesome to see him in action. If he and Barry work together, they are bound to make an awesome team, no matter who the villain of the season is.

Iris & Joe:

Apparently, not going to live with Joe and Iris causes them to not really know Barry. It’s his first chance to get a fresh, and solely-romantic start to his relationship with Iris, and it will be very interesting to see how that develops. It definitely appeared that they were well on their way to becoming a couple at the end of season 2, but now Iris has a whole new set of memories, and things are going to be different for Barry. It also appears that Joe isn’t exactly fond of Barry based on the trailer.


As a result of changing the timeline, Cisco is the richest man alive! This is definitely going to be a very different Cisco then we are used to seeing. It appears he is running STAR Labs (or at least, what was known as STAR Labs). If Barry is going to have any chance at making things right, he’s going to need to earn the trust of Cisco, and likely of Caitlin as well.

Dr. Wells:

Tom Cavanagh is slated to appear in every episode this season as Dr. Harrison Wells. They did a wonderful job making this work in season 2, by introducing the Wells from another dimension, and they’ll, seemingly, be able to do the same this year by simply having everything take place in a new timeline. I’m very interested in seeing the way this new Wells will interact with the rest of the group.

Who is the Villain?

Reverse-Flash is all over the trailers and promos, but Barry has him in a cage. With him trapped, there is room for a different villain to step up. Also in the trailers, we see what looks like another speedster running around. With Wally and Flash already there, this likely means that the third speedster is a main villain. It makes sense, but I do think it’s strange to have a speedster villain for a third straight season.

Consequences of the Time Jump:

As we can see, Barry is going to start losing memories of his old timeline. He’ll eventually even forget about being The Flash. This is a huge side-effect of the time jump, and it’s something Barry will have to figure out. Moments during each of the first 2 seasons when Barry loses his speed have been pivotal, and we have seen him decide that he needs the speed in his life. I can’t imagine he decides something different this season. Additionally, it will be very interesting to see if Barry runs in to the same villains as before, or if the time wraiths come back to find him.


Arrow is returning for season 5 on Wednesday October 5th. Last season, Oliver Queen and co. beat out Damien Darhk and his “Ghosts”. Squashing their plans to destroy the city. Things are different this year, though.

Here’s what to get excited about this DC tv show this season:

New Team Arrow:

With Thea and Diggle off battling their demons, and Laurel’s unfortunate passing, it’s time to see a new team arrow. I hope I’m not alone when I say I’m excited to see Curtis take the step. Overall, Oliver has a lot of work to do to make this new team viable.

Mayor Oliver:

It seems a little unclear whether Oliver’s appointment to mayor will be as a placeholder, or if it will be permanent. Either way, Oliver loves his city, and he’ll definitely do whatever he can to improve it, even if he only has a small amount of time to do so.

Another Army:

Oliver has now battled armies for 3 straight years. He has overcome groups and individuals that should be impossible to beat, and he still came out of it alive. Whatever gets thrown at him this year, I’m sure he’ll fight as hard as he can to save his city.

The Last Year “On The Island”:

Every season, we’ve followed the corresponding year that Oliver spent away from his traditional life. He was gone for 5 years, and this is season 5. I honestly think watching him fight through his final year on the island will be the most exciting part of the year. Hopefully, they come up with a really cool way to show the final year and answer any last questions we have.


For season 2, Supergirl is moving from CBS to the CW and premiering on Monday, October 10th. Last season we saw Kara and her friends work together to defeat Non and stop his plan to end life on earth. It was clear that Supergirl was going to be an interesting show right from the beginning. Then, as the season ended, there was a crossover with The Flash, and an awesome season finale. It will be interesting to see if the switch to the CW will affect the show much, or at all.

Here are some things to look for in season 2:

Superman Team-up:

It’s confirmed that Superman will debut in the series during season 2. He will be there in episode 1 to work with Kara, and I would guess that we can expect to see him appear at least a few more times during the season. At the same time though, this is Supergirl. I think they have made the point multiple times, that she should have just as much respect as people have for her cousin. Because of that, I doubt that they will play up the Superman addition too much.

Kara and Jimmy:

We saw them finally admit their feelings at the end of last season. Romance is inevitably a part of life, so I’m sure this will play a huge role in what happens this year. It will be very interesting to see how Superman coming to town changes this, because Jimmy knew him first, and I wouldn’t be surprised if superman was ultra-protective.

Kara’s New Job:

Kara will no longer be Cat’s assistant. I think it will be interesting to see exactly what that means. I hope we get to see Kara do some awesome things with her day job this season.


We’ve heard that there will be a mega crossover of all 4 shows sometime in November. Supergirl is the only show that doesn’t exist on the same “Earth”. I’m excited to see how they make this happen, and I’ll be waiting to hear if and when we get any more news on this crossover.

Legends of Tomorrow:

Legends of Tomorrow returns for season 2 on Thursday, October 13th. Last season, we saw Rip Hunter lead this rag-tag group of B-, and C-Characters from Arrow and The Flash to help him stop Vandal Savage and change the future. Now, everything is different, and the adventure through time is bound to be even more awesome!

Here are some things to watch for:

New team members:

Carter and Snart died during the run of the first season. Kendra decided to leave the group to spend her life with the version of Carter from another time period. The rest of the group is back, but we’re also seeing some new faces. There are 7 new characters slated to appear in all 13 episodes of season 2. Some that we’ve seen before (like Malcolm Merlyn, Reverse-Flash, and Vixen), and some that we haven’t seen before in the Arrowverse (Stargirl, Obsidian, Commander Steel, and Citizen Steel). Rip has shown that he doesn’t mind using a mixture of heroes and villains on his team, so any of these characters could end up either working with or against the team.

Possible Interaction with Flash:

I can’t be the only one who assumes that the Time Wraiths from season 2 of The Flash were the pawns of the time lords. They were designed to stop speedsters from messing with time. I think this is because the time lords wouldn’t be able to do this on their own, they’re just not fast enough. The time lords are gone now, and this team is (theoretically) going to stop timeline manipulation. I could definitely see an interaction with flash to try to reverse the “Flashpoint” change.

Constant Action:

Possibly my favorite thing about the new trend of Netflix making their own shows is that 13 is generally the max for a season. There are only 13 episodes in season 2 of Legends of Tomorrow. I think this helps them to continue pushing the story along, avoid filler episodes & story arcs, and ensure that action is constant. Be sure to watch this show with your full attention. You might miss stuff if you don’t do that.



The Question of “Flashpoint”:

We know that The Flash is going to be heavily affected by Barry’s timeline change. It’s unclear though how it will affect the other stories. Supergirl would likely be unaffected, due to being in another dimension, and I already discussed how I think Legends of Tomorrow might be impacted by it. Arrow is a big question, though. These shows are more closely tied than almost any other shows I’ve seen concurrently airing on television. We’ve seen that in instances where a different timeline (or a different Earth) is visited in The Flash, it fundamentally changes the circumstances around Arrow and his friends.

I don’t think the creators of Arrow would be too willing to completely alter their story to fit these changes, but I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see alternate versions of team Arrow come over to Central City and interact with Barry and co.


What are you excited for during CW’s foray into the DC  TV shows this season? Let me know in the comments.