All Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Clips so Far


We are just a few days away from the season 3 premiere of Star Wars Rebels. While there have only been three official trailers that give us any idea as to what to expect from this upcoming season, there have been multiple trailers giving us plenty of insight. And here they are…

Official Trailer 1

This initial trailer is intense. We see Ezra with the Sith holocron. Wedge Antilles joins the rebellion. Sabine proves herself against her fellow Mandalorians. And then we are introduced to Thrawn. There is so much going on in this trailer it’s hard to just pick one thing to focus on. We don’t see much hope for the rebellion in the images shown in this clip. What we do see is the Ghost crew’s indomitable spirit. Everything about this trailer gives me hope for Rebels season 3.

Official Teaser 2

We have a much shorter clip here. A teaser really. The focus is on Thrawn and how he will destroy the Rebel Alliance. What draws my attention is the green mist that surrounds Kanan. I talked about this mist in an earlier post. It is clearly nightsister magic. Does that mean a return of Mother Talzen? Will Maul use the magic?

Ezra Unleashed

Another short clip but sweet merciful crap. What is Ezra doing?! Is it just me or is this the darkest 38 seconds in Rebels so far?

Hondo Ohnaka

I freaking love Hondo Ohnaka. I would much rather see Ezra become a space pirate than a Sith. That would just be awesome. A Jedi space pirate. It’s not like Ezra couldn’t handle himself. This video proves that.

Enter Thrawn

This clip gives those who don’t fully comprehend who Thrawn is a much better idea of his ability. And if you think his prediction to “pull the rebels apart piece by piece” is hubris, you underestimate him.

Face to Face with Thrawn

If you weren’t afraid for the Ghost crew before, are you now? Because you should be. I don’t know what Ezra and Hera are doing here, but it can’t end well for either of them.

Meet the Bendu

If the Jedi represent the light, and the Sith represent the dark, then the Bendu represent the gray. I love what the Bendu says here. Knowledge can’t make you be evil. This gives me hope that one day we will see a Jedi use Sith Lightnight.

Mando a Mando (Get it?)

Our last clip is actually from a panel at Star Wars Celebration. Here we see Sabine in all her Mando glory. I think we will eventually see her take on the title of Mandalore. That, or she and Ezra are going to fall in love and have little half-Jedi half-Mandalorian babies. Kids with that pedigree would be able to take down the Empire single-handedly.

I may have left out a few clips. Finding these videos after the fact is not as easy as you might think. Which clips did you like best? Leave a comment in the space below.