Agents of SHIELD S4 E22 “World’s End” Recap (Spoilers Ahead)


In the fourth season finale SHIELD is doing everything they can to stop Aida. Luckily, Ghost Rider shows up to help save the day. This should be one of the best episodes of the series so far. Let’s see what ends up happening.

Important Things to Know Going Into This Week’s Episode

Last week, with the majority of the team back in the real world from the Framework, they fought against Aida. Mack was still stuck in the Framework, though, which prompted Yo-Yo to go into the Framework to try getting him out.

The Biggest Moments in this weeks episode (SPOILERS!)

1. Aida vs Robbie:

The two major characters introduced this season turn out to be powered by the same kind of darkness. Ghost Rider has an internal need to stop Aida, a need to be able to destroy her and end everything she is doing. The team seems happy to have him back, but it won’t mean much, if they can’t stop Aida. Late in the episode, Coulson somehow takes on the Ghost Rider mantle, like Mack early in the season. He is able to trap and kill Aida as a part of the grand plan for saving the world.

2. Aida’s Plans:

Aida and Ivanov have a plan to turn this world into something more like the Framework. The start of this is having an LMD of Daisy shoot Talbot in the head in a meeting of world leaders. This sets off a chain of events that puts the team in a vulnerable position. Not content to just change the world, though, Aida teleports to Fitz and Simmons, antagonizes them, and then seemingly kills Simmons as revenge on Fitz. It turns out to only be an LMD, though. But it does give the team enough time to trap Aida with Ghost Rider.

3. The end of the Framework:

With everything happening in the real world, Yo-Yo and Radcliffe are desperately doing everything they can to save Mack. He, however, stubbornly refuses to leave the world where his daughter is alive and well. They do everything within their power to find a way to convince him, with some outside help from Fitz and Daisy. Eventually, they are able to get Mack out, but only after the Framework is so far gone that his daughter, Hope, actually disappears. With everyone out and Aida was gone, the big silver lining is that Mack is willing to try building his life with Yo-Yo. The whole team is going to struggle to deal with their time in the Framework, though.

Ryan’s Speculation of the week:

Robbie’s comment to Coulson about “the reason the Ghost Rider agreed to take over his body” was interesting. Something is bound to come out of that next season, and I think it will be very interesting. I believe there is also going to be a huge fallout from what happened in this episode. That could also lead to the predictions I have made about Inhumans being potentially tied to Agents of Shield, although that is looking increasingly less likely.


Thank you so much for reading my recaps all season long. Next week, after the finales of the DC TV shows, I will be posting a new look at the state of Superhero TV shows, and give an overall recap of what has come so far.