Agents of SHIELD Recap S4 E12 “Hot Potato Soup” (Spoilers Ahead)


In this week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, Radcliffe goes after the Koenig brothers, prompting SHIELD to try to rescue them.

Important Things to Know Going Into This Week’s Episode

Radcliffe is still at large, and he has Aida helping him as well as the LMD of May working in SHIELD. Meanwhile, Nadeer has begun working with Radcliffe. This brings all of the enemies together in one group. And it is a damn strong group.

The Biggest Moments in this Week’s Episode (SPOILERS!)

1. The Superior:

Prior to now, we have only heard of this mythical leader of the Watchdogs. Meeting him definitely advances the story. The fact that he is a big, scary Russian dude who like to drink chilled Vodka straight up with a slice of onion makes him a total bad-ass. The explanation of why he hates inhumans is utterly stupid, though. The big bad Watchdogs being driven by the fact that inhumans didn’t “work” for their powers makes absolutely zero sense. It creates the feeling that the Watchdogs would be okay with inhumans if they had “earned” their powers. I just don’t buy that idea, and it makes me really hate this plot line. Watching Aida defeat multiple Watchdogs in a single fight is actually one of the strongest highlights of this episode.

2. Interrogation of an LMD

Eventually, May’s LMD is going to be found out. That seems to be an inevitability of the back half of this season. Being able to crack Radcliffe’s LMD just may be the key to that. Unfortunately, he finds out how to get to Fitz and the interrogation stops too early. The exchange between Mack and the LMD was odd, but it added to the episode enough to make Fitz’ realization about the “brain” in the LMD significant. If they didn’t solve that problem, they would never have been able to figure out that May was not May. Sadly, by the time they realize that, it’s too late to alert Coulson.

3. Multiple Koenigs:

The ever-growing Koenig family has been a fun thing to watch throughout the run of the show. The way they included the characters, and tied a very, family-specific, story to this week’s episode was a nice way to add a refreshing twist to the show. This show has desperately needed some sort of twist for a while, and, if they are able to keep that up, it will make the back half of this season exponentially better.

Ryan’s Speculation of the week:

In the final scene, it is revealed that the Watchdogs have some crazy belief that Coulson is the central figure tying together the alien invasions. They believe that, as a result, he is somehow responsible for the Inhumans. They seem to strike up an alliance with Radcliffe as the episode ends, but I don’t think it’s that simple. Radcliffe doesn’t hate Inhumans, and I don’t think he hates Coulson or even SHIELD for that matter. He wants the power of the Darkhold. That is the only reason he is working with Nadeer and the Watchdogs, and, if the Darkhold doesn’t destroy him first, I could see him actually ending up a valuable ally in the fight against the Watchdogs.

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