Agents of SHIELD S4 E19 “All the Madame’s Men” Recap (Spoilers Ahead)


In this week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, Daisy teams up with an unlikely partner in her attempt to help the team escape the Framework. Meanwhile, Aida prepares to make her final moves to solidify the Framework as the team’s reality forever.

Important Things to Know Going Into This Week’s Episode

Last week we broke down the 2 most recent episodes. This lead us to watch the rise of the Resistance, Mack joining the fight, Daisy and Radcliffe being captured by Hydra, and, sadly, the death of Mace. The team is still trapped in the Framework, and Daisy and Simmons are doing everything they can to save the team. Hopefully, they can achieve that goal without losing more of the team.

Keep in mind that, after this, we only have 3 episodes left in the season. This is the time for things to begin getting really good.

The Biggest Moments in this week’s episode (SPOILERS!)

1. Aida’s “Directive”:

Aida reveals to her LMD of “The Russian” (I’m only assuming it’s an LMD, after she said she built him), that she is unable to cause harm to anybody she has put in the Framework unless they become a danger to it. Not only is that likely about to happen, but she also sends The Russian to find May and Simmons.

This relationship also ends up being important in the Framework, due mostly to the fact that Aida’s big invention is going to come together at a spot where he works in the middle of the ocean. Simmons later learns that it is a cross-dimensional plan to allow Aida to be entirely real.

2. May and Daisy:

May decided to help May at the end of the last episode. As this episode unfurls, they escape from Hydra. In the process, they throw Aida out of a window. While that is awesome to see, it also creates a problem for the two when Hydra decides to make them the most wanted people in the world.

This leads to an awesome mini-fight when Hydra comes rolling in. It was cool to see Daisy use her powers to throw a grenade right back at them. The fight also leads to the Resistance finding their location. This should hopefully put the whole team back in one place. If it does, that’s one step closer to putting things back to normal.

3. The Formulating Plan:

Daisy’s connection with the rest of the group helps the team to complete the plan to find a way out of the Framework. Between her info from Radcliffe, and Trip and Simmons’ journey to the middle of the ocean, the team should be incredibly close to knowing how to get back to reality.

Hydra seems to be closing in on the completion of their project, so time is absolutely essential. It doesn’t help that they choose to go on a side project to stop Hydra before they move towards stopping Aida’s plans. The last three episodes of this season are going to be great.

Ryan’s Speculation of the week:

I’m getting the sense that the team may lose somebody else in their attempt to escape the framework. I’m not sure who it might be, though. Fitz and Simmons seem to be safe. Coulson and Daisy are the main characters of the show (and I doubt the creators go the Game of Thrones route). I don’t want to see May or Mack go, but I do think the show could use that type of sacrifice from a significant character. Maybe they get the best of both worlds by having Ward, Radcliffe, or Trip fill that role while only “dying” in the Framework. My secondary theory on that is that the Framework could potentially end up “reviving” somebody. If the Framework version of Trip were to cross into the real world, for instance, could he possibly be a new embodiment of Trip in the real world? That seems to be what Aida is trying to accomplish. Just something to think about.


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