Agents of SHIELD Recap S4 E04 “Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire” (Spoilers Ahead)


In this week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD, Ghost Rider has a confrontation with SHIELD. Meanwhile, Mack and Coulson team up with an unlikely ally, and Daisy teams up with a familiar face in an effort to stop the Watchdogs.

Important Things to Know Going Into This Week’s Episode

1. May’s sickness

I can’t imagine that whatever was causing May to see ghosts is only going to affect her. It is inevitable that other people are going to be affected. Hopefully, Simmons and Radcliffe can come up with a better way to replicate the process that saved May’s life.

2. Quake vs. SHIELD

After Ghost Rider has his confrontation with SHIELD, I imagine that it will cause even more problems with the relationships between Daisy and her former team. It will be very interesting to see the way Coulson, Mack and everyone else will react if that happens.

3. The Director

We know at this point that he’s an inhuman, and, now, the threat of Watchdog is growing increasingly troublesome for inhumans. I would be surprised if this coincidence doesn’t grow into something more in the near future.

The Biggest Moments in this week’s episode (SPOILERS!)

1. Simmons and Daisy

I’ve always loved this relationship. It was awesome that Simmons was willing to help Daisy medically. The seamless transition to helping her combat Watchdog by hacking SHIELD was easily my favorite part of the episode. I wonder if the interaction they share will lead to Simmons helping SHIELD see Daisy’s good side again.

2. Radcliffe’s House

May is clearly unhappy being stuck in Radcliffe’s house. Fitz is right to be worried about Ada (Radcliffe’s AI person) just casually helping May because I fully expect this to be incredibly bad. I assumed it would be Radcliffe and Simmons trying to come up with a better way to save people with May’s condition, but Fitz can definitely step in and fulfill Simmons’ role.

3. Chasing Ghost Rider

After speaking with his uncle in prison, Coulson and Mack spot Ghost Rider outside the facility, and they immediately begin a car chase. It was definitely a highlight of the episode and the way they were able to trick him into crashing the plane was just a perfect Phil Coulson moment.

4. Ghosts

It seems that the woman Ghost Rider spoke to his uncle about is the ghost floating around. I’m pretty sure this is going to spark a new wave of people affected by the same thing that affected May. Radcliffe and Fitz better come up with that cure quickly.

5. Watchdog

Anticipating that James would be helping Watchdog track down and kill inhumans was far from expected. Ghost Rider showing up with Mack and Coulson to save the day at the last moment was definitely awesome. When they dropped into the firework store and caused that explosion, it was definitely a perfect ending to the battle. Hopefully, it took out a few Watchdogs at the same time.

Ryan’s Random Thought:

There are two things that stood out to me this week.

1: Ghost Rider and Quake seem like they will be working with SHIELD now to stop Ghost lady from getting this book she wants. That’s going to be incredibly fun to watch, especially because Watchdog is bound to become a further complication at the same time.

2: Simmons seems to be okay with the AI/Android that Radcliffe made. Coulson and May didn’t quite realize what Ada was, but she figured it out almost instantly. As Fitz said to her, though, it’s going to be hard to hide that when she has to take her lie detector test the next day. That’s not even the biggest thing she’d have to lie about, though. I hope we’ll get to see that story next week.

Agents of SHIELD airs on ABC on Tuesdays. Leave a comment and let me know what you thought about this episode.