Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #5 Review


Plot Summary

One month before Tommy came to Angel Grove, an Italian politician publicly denounces Rita Repulsa for instilling fear. The Italian man boldly proclaims that there is nothing she can do to make him afraid of her. Rita watches from her Moon castle and smirks. Suddenly a giant four armed monster appears and begins destroying Italy while reciting Da Vinci quotes.

The Power Rangers show up in the MegaZord to fight back. Jason exits the MegaZord to rescue the Italian Prime Minister while Zack delivers the killing blow to the monster. Rita surveys the result of the battle from her throne. Goldar apologizes for Finster’s faulty monster and promises to make a better one next time. Rita rejects this and focuses on the Black Power Ranger.

Zack is walking down the street and is ambushed by a large group of Putty soldiers and Goldar. He is captured and brought to their dungeon on the moon. Rita approaches Zack and tells him that she comes in peace and only to talk. Zack is sceptical, but Rita offers her congratulations to him handling the situation in Italy while Jason left to be a glory hound. They both teleport into the main castle where Rita explains that she doesn’t want the destruction, but Zordon forces her hand.

Rita explains that the world would thrive under her leadership. She shows Zack scenes of the world destroyed from their fights. Rita offers Zack a place on her team and shows him scenes of himself as the Green Power Ranger. The catch to Zack becoming the Green Power Ranger is that he must part with his Black Ranger powers. Zack feigns interest and appears to give up his morpher, but uses the opportunity to try and steal the Power Coin. A scuffle ensues and Zack escapes to the Command Center.

Back at the Command Center, Zack, Zordan and Alpha discuss what just transpired. They are all alarmed that Rita has the ability to create a new Power Ranger. Zack admits that he was tempted by Ritas offer and Zordon tells him that this is natural. They decide to withhold the info from the other Rangers until they know more details.

Zack joins the rest of the Power Rangers at a local restaurant. The team is excited to see him and Jason offers to buy him a meal as thanks for saving him earlier. Zack lightens up as he feels the companionship of the group. On the Moon, Rita spies on Tommy and decides that a blank slate is required for the Green Ranger powers. A mysterious voice informs her that Tommy will join the Rangers. She demands to know what the voice is and it informs her that she’ll see when she is ready to rule.


This issue introduces Thony Silas as the illustrator and Bryan Valenza as the colorist of the book. The art direction is not drastically different from Prasetya’s work, but it is very noticeable. The proportions of the figures is a little stylized and that may put off some. The panel design is decent, but I did find myself having to look at a page over again to get an idea of what was happening. With the exception of a few pages that were done extremely well, the action was a little hard to translate for me. Silas and Valenza forego detail for minimal etching and solid colors. This change worked for some scenes, bit not for others. The character faces and expressions were solid and I never had trouble see what a character was feeling. The art direction is not poorly done, I just was not a fan of it for this book.

Power Rangers #5 Jason tackles Italian politicians


The change in artist and colorist disappointed me, but such is the life of a comic fan. I’m hoping that this issue is a one-off to prepare for payoff later. I’m also hoping that this artist/colorist combo is part of that hypothetical one-off issue. We’ll have to wait for the next issue to see. I was thrown off by quick time jumps in this book with minimal indication of what was going on. Kyle Higgins is still the writer, but you could have fooled me. It was interesting to see that Zacks descent may have stemmed from an earlier encounter with Risa and this adds more depth to the current situation with Tommy. I’m still excited to see what comes.

Is It Worth My Money?

$1.99 is  fair asking price. While it was not my favorite issue, it offers some value with the story. It also may serve as a good starting point for new readers.

Is It Worth my Time?

20 minutes of my time. Did not regret any of those minutes. Again, this is a good starting point for new readers, but I recommend picking up the previous issues.


Kyle Higgins


Thony Silas


Bryan Valenza


Ed Dukeshire


Dafna Pleban

Cover By:

Jamal Campbell

Published By:

Boom! Studios